Count From 1 to 10 Twenty Different Ways (6-10)

Counting from 1 to 10 is very important to children’  initial learning about mathematical concepts. Recall on Barney And Friends of PBS , they count from 1 to 10 with two numbers connected at a time.  I revised the WORDINGS and share the second five (5) different ways of doing it, enjoy!



1, 2, swim in a pool,

3, 4, relax on the shore,

5, 6, a baby kicks,

7, 8, hold his feet,

9, 10, vacation comes to an end.


1, 2, back to school,

3, 4, obey the law,

5, 6, solve some problems,

7, 8, never quit,

9, 10, it is fun to learn.


1, 2, sit on a stool,

3, 4, play with a see-saw,

5, 6, enjoy birthday cakes,

7, 8, find a nice classmate,

9, 10, high grades remain.


1, 2, peek-a-boo,

3, 4, open the door,

5, 6, attend some classes,

7, 8, have a good fate,

9, 10, credits regain.


1, 2, take a tool,

3, 4, find a saw,

5, 6, cut the glass,

7, 8, length, width, and height,

9, 10, things to mend.


Recently, I thought a lot about friendships, some come and go like wind, while some remain along the way, I have a renewed perception about Friendships. Now I share with you:












What is YOUR idea about F. R. I. E. N. D. S. H. I. .P.S. ? Please feel free to let me know by working out a similar acrostic!

You can repeat words that others used, thank YOU,  Happy Math Monday and Happy Blogging For Friendships! 😉 😉 🙂


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41 thoughts on “Count From 1 to 10 Twenty Different Ways (6-10)

  1. 1,2 get out of bed.
    3,4 wash your face
    5,6 brush your teeth
    7,8 eat your breakfast
    9,10 have a great day!

    1,2 put on a dress
    3,4 put on some make up
    5,6 put on the glitters
    7,8 put on the perfume
    9,10 put on the dancing shoes!

    1,2 go to Jingle’s blog
    3,4 smiling while reading her post
    5,6 thinking ” what a genius!”
    7,8 taking up her challenge
    9,10 writing down a comment!

    1,2 give a wink
    3,4 give a smile
    5,6 give a nod
    7,8 give a sniff
    9,10 time for some coffee!


    You have a great week, Jingle!

    1. Wow,

      What enlightening entry you have here, Shakira,
      you have math counting songs beautifully and musically written,
      you also have F. R. I. E. .N. D. .S .H. .I. P. .S. entry creatively done,

      #1 comment for the day so far. 😉

      hugs back

  2. hi Ji, cool post love acrostics and having a chance to write one 🙂

    F orever
    R esults
    I n
    E asy
    N ice
    D ays
    S hould
    H e/she
    I mpress
    P eople
    S ubtly.

    there u go lol..have a good one xx

    1. Fun
      Smile at Gerardine 😉

      Hi, Gerardine,
      I know your entry about friendship for a long time, I entered it for others to know,
      Thank you for stopping by, good luck on your efforts in everything, 😉

  3. F eelings
    R unning
    I n
    E ternally
    N ew
    D irections,
    S howing
    H appiness
    I ntertwining
    P eople’s
    S hadows.

    Nice post =]

    1. Hello, KJ:

      It is an absolute thrill to see you here,
      your entry is 100% dynamic, encouraging, and intelligent, 😉

      Beautiful word play, 😉


    1. Dear Jamie:

      How wonderful to see your wisdom shine with me
      by reading your friendships comment,

      I am pleased, inspired, and satisfied about our friendship, 😉

      Take good care,
      you are cool!

  4. i really like the first one 🙂
    seems like you could do a lot of writing poetry for children! something i wish i was able to do….

  5. Sooo true about Math! My two kids excel in math! The higher up they go, the more they want to learn! I love it. Most people do not realize that math is a language, right? 🙂

    I will attempt your great idea on friendship….

    D…. DA BEST!


    1. Hello,

      Glad that you and your friend like this.

      Thank you for sharing my blog with your friends, I admire your open mind and wisdom of literature…

  6. Hi Ji .. you’ve certainly got everyone going – Shakira’s comment is so good, as are some of the others ..

    F… family
    R… restores
    I… inspirational
    E… evenings
    N… nighttime
    D… descends
    S… silence
    H… happens
    I… invigorating
    P… peace

  7. F first friend Dawn
    R real friend JR
    I imaginary friend Jingle
    E everyday friend Lu
    N nicest friend Pat
    S shortest friend Sharon
    H happiest friend Alma
    I interesting friend Alan
    P passionate freind Kieth

    1. Good evening, Lynn:

      You entry is absolutely FRIENDLY, 😉 🙂

      I love the feeling to be one of your friends, imaginary is okay so far, we will go face to face when it is ,

      I enjoy your visit today,
      you are the best, 😉

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