2010 Little Mittens Fit 1005 Cute Kittens!

Eight (8) Cat Haiku


2010 little mittens


1005 cute kittens.


A kitten

Hides a mitten

In kitchen.


A rat

Sneaks a tit for tat

To challenge a cat.


Feeling cozy,

I curled like a ball

And napped against the wall.


A cat

Named Pat

Swings a baseball bat.


My fur is silky,

My voice is milky,

My jaws are poky.


That fat


Is my Dad.


Stay put,

Be in mood,

Enjoy cat food.

Hello, How are you today?

Animals are part of our lives, cats are one of the favorite pets world wide, I love cats, they are cute, gentle, allowing, and comfortable to be around.

I hope that you enjoy the Haiku I wrote about cats and their babies- kittens.

In addition, I want to introduce a few promising poets and cartoonists I have met in the past 6 weeks and hope that You feel free to visit them, make friends with them, and have FUN discovering new friendships. You don’t need to know how a computer works to be able to use it, you certainly need not to be an expert in poetry or drawings to be able to enjoy an inspiring poem or a humorous cartoon.

Poets I liked very much:

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