Saturday Writing Challenge in Sunday 160 (26 words)


Jenny Matlock today for Saturday Centus, Glad to stump over there and see the prompt offer today, rule: no images, words only, and  25 words or less plus 5 words given, that’s 30 words or less…wow, here it goes! (160 characters, 26 words)

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I’m not getting any younger,

Yet feeling upset no longer;

Sentence yourself to live,

Beat the odds of bitterness;

Focus on what I achieve,

Cherish selflessness.

Enough of Walking (4 Poets Rally Week 45)

In the days of calm blue seas,

In the days of sunny place,

As innocent as a child,

Beautiful souls explore life in the wild.


In the sweating season of summer,

In the early times in spring,

In the ebb and flow of growth,

Don’t you hear the hummingbird sing?


In the days of many a red rose,

In the days of white carnations,

As promising as poetic prose,

Died are rootless gossips  on relations.


Enough of walking,

I give my pen wings,

Fed up with finger pointing,

I’m ready to upgrade things.


Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 45, share a free verse or any form of  poetry with poets rally hosted by Leo, Jingle, and more….have fun!

Hard to Fulfill Life’s Proposal (Poets Rally Entry in 55 words)

A function may be transcendental,
A mind is emotional;
A pain may be mental,
A cut on hand is physical;
A product may be artificial,
A concert is musical…
Hard to fulfill
life’s proposal,
Some incidents are meant to be confidential;
The look of twins may be identical,
Yet, their stories are absolutely

Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 44, share a free verse or any poetry with poets rally hosted by Leo, Jingle, and more….have fun!

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Sum Up The Courage 2 share This Poem

Spring sun simmers the afternoon air,

Tickling breeze makes curious stir.


Wild ducks fool around side by side,

Leaving overlapped water rings beside.


Set a mellow yellow flower petal in to make a splash,

Pick some wild berries home, no need cash.


Hear the train whistling by,

Take a photo shot and happily sigh.


Walk along the half-remembered path by the canal home,

Sum up the courage to share this poem.

Monday’s Child

Three Word Wednesday

Cloaked Monk: (Courage )

M Is 4 Monday’s Child In 55 Words

Image credit: Monday’s Child from soul Intention


It’s winter in my city,
My cat gives birth to a kitty.
Mother cat loves her kitten
and enjoys milk in the kitchen.
Baby cat makes curious stare
whenever her mom goes out to breathe some fresh air.
They have fun cuddling on a rocking chair
and watching trees near the window,
lonely and bare.


Friday Flash 55

Monday’s Child

Poets United

No More Questions of Why We Met


For the purpose of positive things

That are needed some more,

I will stretch my wings

And befriend with you all.

I will make sure the bell rings

when you are at the door.


For the wonders on open markets

That is hard to explain,

I will give up chicken nuggets

that are artificial and plain,

I will hand you some buckets

to catch the pouring rain.


If there is something sad

That blurs your way,

You shall be glad

that you are the boss of your day,

Stop on red,

Go on green, I say.


No more talk of darkness, forget

These wide-eyed fears;

No more thinking of failures, set

your alarm clock at 5am, cheers;

No more questions of why we met,

Follow the traffic, hold on tight to your gears.

Magpie Tales

Carry On Tuesday

ABC Wednesday (Y=Why, Don’t Ask, Bye Bye…)