Let Compassion Be Your Compass


Day in, Day out,

You are bewildered about

What are the reasons

Or causes

That tragedy hits your places

And leave you with little choices.


Winter ends, Spring arrives,

You must accept the drives

For Changes

So that you discover hapiness.

As you are ready to face realities,

You will be installed with renewed energies.


Day in, Day out,

There shall be nothing to worry about.

Welcome season’s changes,

Overcome all the adversities,

Let compassion be your compass,

Which leads you to renaissance.


Whenever you suffer,

Bend and stretch your mind

like acrobats,

Pray and be kind,

Grow strength among those painful parts,

Doubts, calamity, and animosity will be gone like wind.


Hello, Everyone, How are you today?

Time flies, it is Thursday again, I wrote this poem in corresponding to Thursday Poets’ Rally week 3.

Let me know what you think of compassion in life by filling in the blank with one sentence, Thank YOU in advance.

Compassion is________________________________.

You can make a difference in lives of many people, I value Your participations dearly. 😉 🙂 😉