It Is A Matter Of Attitude!

Facing the Divine,

Recall everything you have done:

Does it put your mind in ease

After you fight and win a hard case?

Does it make you a better being

When you choose to find happiness by getting even?

Does it fit the Goodness’ name

When you earn money and fame

By opting to accuse, hurt, or blame?


I don’t think So!

You can keep rumors from spreading?

Or stop the stock-market from falling?

By being wise, nice, and loving!

You can choose to give instead of receive or gain

And build close bonds with those in pain

By helping, healing, and

Handing them the prizes you win!

It is a matter of attitude,

It has little to do with your aptitude.

No one shall live in vain, together, after

Passing the year of 2009,

We will try as best as we can

Not to live in vain


Please fill in the blank by sharing something you have done in helping others. Thank you!

This is inspired by Emily Dickson and is linked to  Poetry Pantry at Poets United

What Do You Think Of Water?

Water can form a pool

To keep you cool;

Water can be the steam

To power the train along the stream.

Water becomes the tears

When you weep over life’s fears;

Water is the dewdrops

When you audit and learn lessons in life’s workshops.

Water sacrifices

When bitter coldness force it into ices,

Water can be the flood

That bullies your souls!

Water enables plants grow

When warm sunlight melts the snow,

Water can be plain

To keep thirst from hurting your brain!

Water is here,

Water is there,

Water is everywhere

For you to enjoy, and


What do you think of water?

Water to fish is air to human, water exists in our lives everywhere and all the time, if you could describe water using one sentence, what would you say!

Let’s say Thank you to water, let’s pray for water to appear as useful resources instead of disasters such as floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes and so on.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

The Infinite Sequences on Knitting and Writing

I have enjoyed visiting several Knitting Blogs ever since I started blogging on November 28, 2009. Now after 31 days of writing and blogging, I have strong desires to think and wonder about knitting and its implications in writing…I brain-stormed WORDS that could describing Writing and Knitting, now I am ready to share my insights with you:

Knitting Is:                                                                                                                  Writing Is:

weaving                                                                                                                         wording

dreaming                                                                                                                       developing

sharing                                                                                                                            succeeding

designing                                                                                                                        discussing

counting                                                                                                                          connecting

making                                                                                                                              producing

measuring                                                                                                                        organizing

wishing                                                                                                                              hoping

contributing                                                                                                                      teaching

pleasing                                                                                                                             entertaining

listening                                                                                                                             imagining

hooping                                                                                                                             growing

giving                                                                                                                                 doing

painting                                                                                                                              programing

changing                                                                                                                             learning

caring                                                                                                                                   composing

loving                                                                                                                                    preparing

communicating                                                                                                           orchestrating

…                                                                                                                                              …

_______                                                                                                                       __________

Do you have any words in mind to make it continue? Help me keep the sequences on knitting and writing going to infinity!

Knitting and writing are similar in many ways, if you knit, you write also, if you write, you knit in WORDS instead of in WOOLS.

Wow, Dear friends,  Happy Knitting! Happy Writing!

A Poem Is Invented…

A poem is invented

By the experiences that inspire,

By the heart that beats,

By the words that matter,

By the love that evolves,

By the doors that open,

By the gifts that are given,

By the laughter that rolls,

By the fingers that dance,

By the boat that sails,

By the leaves that quiver,

And by________________!

Fill in anything in my mind to complete this poem, have fun, everyone! Thank you all for the wonderful comments and curious visits!

Enjoy a day filled with inspirations, motivations, imaginations, and satisfactions!

Count From 10 to 1, Let the Healing begin!


10,9, counting is fun,

8, 7, after ten is eleven,

6, 5, you can survive,

4, 3, reading is free,

2, 1, let it shine.


10, 9, walk and run,

8, 7, odd and even,

6, 5, swimming and dive,

4, 3, oppose and agree,

2, 1, the moon and the sun.


10, 9, draw a line,

8, 7, dream about Heaven,

6, 5, bliss will arrive,

4, 3, plant a tree,

2, 1, everything is fine.


10, 9, hot cross bun,

8, 7, baked in the oven,

6, 5, a fork and a knife,

4, 3, charge No fee,

2, 1, a job well done.


10, 9, praise the Divine,

8, 7, smile often,

6, 5, ready to drive,

4, 3, wait and see,

2, 1, celebrate with wine.


10, 9, I am your fan,

8, 7, my name is Steven,

6, 5, do high five,

4, 3, obtain a degree,

2, 1, let the healing begin.


This poem is entered for Poetry Pantry Week 3:

Banana Muffins (A Treat for You)

Today is December 26, 2009, I ate Banana Muffins for breakfast, I describe them using my Five Senses so that you can have some ideas of what I have enjoyed today.

Banana Muffins

Taste like Cinnamon Toast,

Look like Sugar Cones,

Feel like Teddy Bears,

Smell like Cotton Candies,

Sound like Yummy!

Banana Muffins are ________!?

Can you fill a word in the blank? Use your five sense and be creative, have Fun!

Thank you for soaring by!

A Poem For Mom By Tom

My mom is a Panda protecting her cubs,

My mom feels like a warm pillow,

My mom smells like love,

My mom is nice like an angel,

My mom’s chocolate ship cookies cheer me up on a bad day,

My mom looks like a rose.

PS: A Poem For Mom is written by a boy named Tom on Mother’s day in his 2nd grade class. He was lucky to have Ms. Wisdom as his teacher, who encouraged the class to write poems, adventure stories about their favorite pets. I did not change a word, it is Tom’s original work and I am prod of his pure love for his mom.

I dedicate this poem to all Moms, either you are a mother-to-be, or a mother now, including those who have chosen to adopt children and threat them as their own.  Moms are great in your children’ eyes, don’t you?

Today is also Tom’s birthday, Happy birthday, Tom! You are a joy to have, you spread positive energy all over the places via your sensitive eyes, tender mind, and cute heart. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem for your mom, and for moms all over the world to share.

It is Christmas, Jesus’ birthday, thus, Merry Christmas to you all.

Santa Appreciates No Ice-storm!

It’s Christmas morning, I hope that you have all your dreams come true, while friendships, family love, and traditions renew! Enjoy the following Haiku I write, have a Merry Christmas Day!


It is not nice

For Santa to sacrifice

Because of stormy ice!


Get warm,

Get warm,

Santa appreciates No ice-storm!


You scream,

I scream,

We all scream to stop ice storm.


Like it or not,

Harry Potter is a wizard,

I am a blizzard.


When ice dreams

About ice creams,

Ice beams.


Snow worms

Play snowball fights

After snow-storms.


Life is a stage,

Put on the show,

Stop the snow.


Icy Bears

Icy Hares

make icy pairs.

Santa Clause Is Snoring!

Snow, snow, go away,

Come to visit some other day,

Santa and his children want to play,

Snow, snow, go away!

It’s snowing,

It’s flouring,

Santa Clause is snoring,

He bumped his head,

And he got upset,

He refused to get up this morning!

Snow, snow, go away,

Come again another day,

Children on earth want to celebrate Christmas day,

Snow, snow, go away!

Snow suddenly hits my place, I feel inspired to share this merry and musical lyric, which is called Rain, Rain, Go Away . The original version is cowritten by Gloria Shayne Baker and Noel Regney, the music is first recorded by Bobby Vinton. I replaced Rain by Snow, changed the subject to fit our current situation and hope that you like it. Thank You!

Count From 10 to 1, Double Your Holiday Fun!

Let’s count down until Christmas day!

10-Ten poles, Ten holes;

9-Nine chairs, Nine pears;

8-Eight ducks, Eight trucks;

7-Seven games, Seven names;

6-six dolls, Six rolls;

5-Five hoses, Five noses;

4-Four trains, Four stains;

3-Three chicks, Three tricks;

2-Two jars, Two cars;

1-One computer, One commuter.

Count it once,

Count it twice,

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,

Double your holiday fun!


Poets United (Thursday Thinking Tank: Family)