The Impossible Is Possible!


The impossible is possible,

If invisible becomes visible;

Stupidity makes No senses,

If the subject is judged in biased lens.


The impossible is manageable,

If problems are solvable;

Contracts are negotiable,

Contradictions are avoidable!


Orchestrate the impossible,

Illustrate your intelligence,

Write the results out


Demonstrate your excellence.


The impossible in possible,

If everything is accessible.

Failures make you stronger,

Success flood into your life

If you stay the course longer.


Hi, How are YOU?

I know that you are a fan of something, you may enjoy sports, you may admire a particular celebrity, …

WHO (referring to an individual outside your family members) has made a huge difference in your life? Why?

Thank YOU for the thoughts shared.

You Are The Best! Readers of Jingle!