Tuesday Thankfulness(Support New Meme Effort)

During our life span,

We encounter many people,

Some come

and leave with twisted impressions,

Some join

and disappear with NO particular progressions,

While others stay,

and make visual contributions.

We do NO harm to those who disagree,

We let those short term passengers go free,

We treat the respectful ones with great passion,

That’s how we grow a forceful mission.

I am thankful

Because you are near,

I am grateful

because your friendship is dear,

Life is  beautiful

because spring is here,

Life is blissful

because my mind is pure.

Joy to YOU,

May all of your dreams come true.

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Count From 1 to 10 Twenty Different Ways (6-10)

Counting from 1 to 10 is very important to children’  initial learning about mathematical concepts. Recall on Barney And Friends of PBS , they count from 1 to 10 with two numbers connected at a time.  I revised the WORDINGS and share the second five (5) different ways of doing it, enjoy!



1, 2, swim in a pool,

3, 4, relax on the shore,

5, 6, a baby kicks,

7, 8, hold his feet,

9, 10, vacation comes to an end.


1, 2, back to school,

3, 4, obey the law,

5, 6, solve some problems,

7, 8, never quit,

9, 10, it is fun to learn.


1, 2, sit on a stool,

3, 4, play with a see-saw,

5, 6, enjoy birthday cakes,

7, 8, find a nice classmate,

9, 10, high grades remain.


1, 2, peek-a-boo,

3, 4, open the door,

5, 6, attend some classes,

7, 8, have a good fate,

9, 10, credits regain.


1, 2, take a tool,

3, 4, find a saw,

5, 6, cut the glass,

7, 8, length, width, and height,

9, 10, things to mend.


Recently, I thought a lot about friendships, some come and go like wind, while some remain along the way, I have a renewed perception about Friendships. Now I share with you:












What is YOUR idea about F. R. I. E. N. D. S. H. I. .P.S. ? Please feel free to let me know by working out a similar acrostic!

You can repeat words that others used, thank YOU,  Happy Math Monday and Happy Blogging For Friendships! 😉 😉 🙂


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How Do You Define Friendships?

Your choice of friends is very important to you, it reflects your judgment and illustrates your personal taste, life point of view, attitude, and goals about life. Friends are more like equals, friendships are mutual and are supposed to be healthy!

I describe my understanding of friendship as











It would be very interesting if guest visitors of this blog could join in and comment on your unique definition of friendship, we are all different, but we also share something in common.

Let’s call it Jingle’s Universal Friendship Club List!

No charge, no rules, no deadline! I will visit you easily after this list is complete and I know who you are out there. You become a member by commenting to demonstrate  friendship using words different than mine, if you come in late, you will have harder time to think of words that differing from all previous entries.

I know all my friends both in real life and online are better individuals who care about others more than I do…Let me know your intelligence and wisdom by responding to this posting! Great Fat Thanks In Advance!!!