Pink Is Cute!


A rectangle is cute,

A square is cuter,

A circle is the cutest.


A cow is cute,

A cow that gives milk is cuter,

A cow that gives high quality milk is the cutest.


A cello is cute,

A cello that is played by a boy is cuter,

A cello that is played by a boy to make the sickly heal is the cutest.


A pumpkin is cute,

A pumpkin with a happy face is cuter,

A pumpkin with a happy face glowing in the dark is the cutest.


A panda is cute,

A panda in a child’s arms is cuter,

A panda in a smiling child’s arms is the cutest.


A poem is cute,

A poem that tickles is cuter,

A poem that tickles and inspires is the cutest.


It is YOUR turn!

Pink is cute,

_____ is cuter,

_______ is the cutest!

Feel Free To Fill In The Blank Above, Enjoy A Pink Cute Day :)!


Complex Numbers

When it comes to complex numbers,

You may notice a strange guy,

Who and Why?

That guy is the imaginary number i.

Look at how i divides a pie

Into 4 pieces, as i, -1, -i, 1,

And i is i,

i squared is negative one, -1,

i cubed is opposite of i, -i,

i fourth is positive one, 1.

If you want to go further with the power of i,

You know i fifth is the same as i,

Because 5 is 4+1,

And i fourth power goes back to 1.

Thus the power of i is easy to simplify.

To learn more,

Divide any power of i by four, 4.

Complex solutions always come in pairs,

a+bi, a-bi are conjugate pairs.

Addition, Subtraction,

Multiplication, and Division,

All work the same wonders

In complex numbers

As they do in real numbers.

Make sure real parts go with real parts,

Imaginary parts join imaginary parts.

The final expression will always be  a+bi,

With a, b either a whole number or a fraction.

If b is a fraction,

Make sure i sits on top,


Make 1 over i equal to negative i, -i.

Do you understand the function of i?

I like i,

Please don’t ask me why!