Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 3 (Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2010)

How are you, Poets and Poetry Fans?

I wanted to thank YOU all for the participation in Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 2.

To be able to be eligible for week 3 participants, you must:

#1: Post a poem on Thursday, January 28, 2010 in YOUR OWN BLOG.

#2:  If you are a week 2 participant, make sure you have already commented on 12 fresh Blogs before you  become active on week 3. (Without fulfilling requirement of week 2, you can not request as a participant in week 3, I have to be fair to those who do working hard to send out encouragement and cool notes to other poets via commenting.)

#3: If you are not a week 1 or 2 participant, but you are a poet and want to join in, please feel free to join us by commenting on this post.

#4: I love comments, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I value your ideas very much. Thank YOU in advance.

No obligation to be come a member. You can join in any week by commenting.  Once confirm that you want to be IN, then you have to be serious, I trust your WORDS and wish you best of luck on blogging, writing and  reading. Cheers, ;)

Week 3 Participants:

William Manson:

Gerardine Baugh:




Rumblings of a Ghost:

Utopian Fragments:

Beth the Doubtfulpoet:

Inspiration Blogs:

You are never alone: (week 3 entry, 2nd poem)

waystationone by brian miller:

The Girl In Me: (most updated poem)


Shiteki Na Usagi, Yousei Hime: (first poem)


You Are Invincible:

Week 3 fresh poets to know and explore:

Poet Traveler:

Believe in yourself:


Read between minds:

As Captured through My eyes:

Keeping track of a wondering mind:

Free verse and happenstance:

Maryrestaino’s blog:

Flutterings of a cluttered mind:

Purple’s Platitudes:

Whizbangwoman’s blog from Julie:

Journals of Unreal:

The Beat Goes On:

Life 2010:

Ravenstoth blog;

Ramblings of Ghost:

Inspirations of Grace:

Naming constellations:

Catapult to Mars:

KARELTJE en ikke:

Elephant small:

Mother Sparrow

the Bookgirl:

Week 2 participants:


William Manson

My Walking Path


58 INCHES, Jessie Carty:


The CottageGirl:

Shiteki Na Usagi, Haiku Blog: (first poem)

Bonjour Poetry:

You are never alone: (her first poem)

Let’s talk about anything:

The Girl In Me:

Pat: (her third poem)

A poem named “Jingle” by Pat: (her 2nd poem)

JP Beaty: poem)

Jamie Thorne: (Hurray,  Jamie has done her visits to 12 blogs today, ;) ;) )

Beth the Doubtfulpoet:

Utopian Fragments:

Moondustwriter’s blog:



Jingle’s Poem for Thursday Poets Rally:


Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think by commenting on this post, thank You in advance.

33 thoughts on “Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 3 (Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2010)

  1. A, the thing about two days posting is i wont be posting this thursday.
    For week 4 thursday falls just right and i’ll happly participate.
    i’ll make a note of it

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I’ll be going through some of these pages within the next day or two. I look forward to the reading 🙂

  3. now I comment on lots of blogs a day lol, cant remember if it was 10, however I will be doing this weeks post and have it ready for tomorrow 🙂 EVERYONE is welcome at my blog…:)

  4. Nastame! I will be there! Keep up the good work, us newbies need help from time to time and meeting YOU is AMAZING!

  5. If I’m still able, I would love to be a participant for this Thursday (the 28th). I live on the West Coast, so it’s only 8pm at the moment on Wednesday, but I have a piece ready to be posted tomorrow.



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