What Can You Control?

Not everything in the universe can be controlled.

No matter who you are, where you live, and what you do for a living, no matter how hard you try, worry, think, predict, or calculate, you cannot stop the time from flying by, you cannot keep the days sunny all year around, you can not predict when your good forntue will arrive, and you have no idea what other people think of you unless they tell,…

What can you control?

There are things you can do to make peace with the environments you reside.

By mowing your lawn regularly, you show your neighbors that you care, you are organized, and you have good plans in your housing management. By going to work right on time or ahead of the time, you tell your boss and coworkers that you take your job seriously, and you know the importance of getting a project started and done in timely manner. By dressing to impress, dressing for success, you demonstrate to the world that you respect yourself, respect your job, and deserve the same respect from those around you.

All these things you do is for you to live a life with a sense of order, you are in good control yourself with your fair conducts and manners, you have confidence, and you live for NOW with admirable self-management skills.

Your thoughts, your attitude, and your response to what’s happening in your life are those items you can control, at least you have the option to work on maintaining a secure and peaceful mindset. When you have ordered thinking to support the functions of your heart, body, spirit, and emotion, you are in control!

2009 is history, tomorrow is future, what you have is today, today is “the present”, a gift that is given to you from the Divine.

May you live for TODAY to its fullest!

What can you control?

What do you plan to do to make improvement in order to better yourself and your life?

I wish to hear from you, Happy New Year’s Day, Day One in 2010!

Thank you!