Can You Solve the Problem?


A movie is sold to student for $3 each and to adult twice the price, if total 200 tickets were sold, and $900 was collected, how many students tickets are sold?


Let S=number of student tickets, then the income from students is 3S,since 200 tickets sold, we know there are 200-S adult tickets sold, income from adults is 6(200-s), and we have total $900, thus

900=3s+6(200-s), solve for s, what is it?

you may solve using your own method, let me know if you got it, have fun..

Happy Tuesday Ahead,

Life Is No Fun Without Z (Z Is 4 Z-Axis, N Is 4 No)










X-axis is lonely,

Y-axis is lovely;

When two of them form a right angle,

They have built a plane, solid like a triangle.

X-Y plane is strong but flat,

soon they begin to  dream of something more than that;

Z-axis is lonely,

XY-plane is lovely,

When three of them work together to form a family,

They constitute a beautiful space in geometry.

Thus, x-axis is cute,

xy-plane is cuter,

and xyz cubic space is the cutest.

please look at the graphs above,

Enjoy a good laugh!

Life is no fun without z,

you got to learn you a-b-c!


ABC Wednesday,  Z


When It Comes To Math

When it comes to math,

Some fear it to death,

Some fall out of breath;

Here is a simple confess:

Math is not something worse

than giving birth…

Math Is cool

If you know the rule;

Math is fun

If you are its fan.

Keep trying,

You can do it without dying…


Math says something perfectly true.


You can make a satisfying score.


Math has some magical tricks.

If you truly understand,

You will love math and feel grand.


When i started blogging one year ago, I truly enjoyed doing Monday Math posts. Glad to give it a try again today.

Today’s Math problem:If it takes 12 people 3 days to build 72 meters of fence, how many meters of fence can 15 people build in one day?

Hint: compute how many meters of fence each person build each day applying the first 3 numbers, then it is easy to calculate using giving condition!

Pick one:

A: 2

B: 12

C: 20

D: 24


Good Luck! I Wonder who can do it?

A Triangle Forms A Plane

Grab a pen,

Plus a piece of blank paper,

Follow my instruction, Listen,

Worry about other stuff later.

Draw a dot,

It makes a point,

Draw a different dot,

Connect both dots, not to disappoint.

Now, Excellent,

U have made a line segment,

To continue,

Draw a third dot apart from the line,

How special,

U r doing just fine.

Connect your 3rd dot to two ends,

You’ve got a triangle for your friends.

A triangle forms a plane,

You shall not need me to further explain.

To advance,

Draw a fourth dot on the paper outside of your triangle,

Connect it to the two dots closest to it, once,

You have made a quadrilateral.

Planes are flat,

Just like the wings of a bat.

A piece of paper is also a plane

with four right corners,

While a triangle is a plane

With three corners.

A stack of 500 piece of papers

is no more a plane,

It is a geometric  body for you to learn.

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The Perfect Poet Award Acceptance Poem Plus…

Do you remember ODE-

Ordinary Differentiate Equation?

Do you like to be reminded of

How much a fine mathematician

love to work on math as if one is a magician?

Let me teach you

about how to differentiate a polynomial

By the power rule.

The rate of change in distances at certain time period is called speed,

The rate of change in the increase of population is called average growth,

How about the rate of change in each second?

The way to calculate the instant rate of change

Is to differentiate…

For a polynomial,

The derivatives to any fixed number or constant

Is zero,

The derivative to 1  is zero,

The derivative to 2 is again zero,

The derivative to 200 is also zero..

What a hero.

The derivatives to any power of x

Is to bring down the power as a coefficient,

Reduce the power to x by one.

For example,

The derivative of x to the power 5

Is 5 times x to the power 4…

Do you get it?

Did you picture it?

The derivative of x to the power 2

Is 2 times x to the power 1,

Which is the same as 2 times x or 2x,

How divine!

If you stick to the rule,

You can do it correct and feel cool.

Keep working on it,

Keep thinking of it,

You will make it,

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Pravin nair

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I wold like to  make an announcement about Pravin Nair whose  poetry has been published as a book! :) :)

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The Power Rule

xn =  nxn−1

“The derivative of a power of x

is equal to the product of

the exponent  times

x with the exponent reduced by 1.”

That is called the power rule.  For example,

x5 =  5x4

However, we know that the power rule is true when n = 1:

x1 =  1· x0 =  1;
that it is true when n = 2:
x2 =  2x;
and that it is true when n = 3 :
x3 =  3x².

It seems natural, then, to give a proof by induction;  The induction hypothesis will be that the power rule is true for n = k:

xk =  k xk−1,

and we must show that it is true for n = k + 1; i.e. that

xk+1 =  (k + 1) xk.


xk+1 = d
x· xk
xk+1 = x· k xk−1 + xk· 1,
xk+1 = k xk + xk
xk+1 = (k + 1)xk.

Therefore, if the power rule is true for n = k, then it is also true for its succesor, k + 1.  And since the rule is true for n = 1, it is therefore true for every natural number.

Problem.   Calculate the derivative of  x6 − 3x4 + 5x3x + 4.

6x5 − 12x3 + 15x² − 1

D Is 4 Division (Math)

D is 4 D-I-V-I-S-I-O-N,

Which makes math a lovely function.

Division is fun,

If u r its fan.

Any number is divided by 1,

The answer is the same one.

An even number is divided by 2,

U get half of the number, true!

An odd number is divided by 2,

U end up with a reminder, not cool,

Any number is divided by itself,

The answer is 1, what fun!

Division is the inverse of  multiplication,

Practice makes perfection.

If C is divided by A equal to B,

Then A times B is equal to C,

And B times A is also equal to C.

For instance,

100 is divided by 4 is 25,

4 times 25 is 100,

25 times 4 is also 100.

Division is tough,

If u don’t work hard enough…

I love divisions,

Because it is cool,

Work on the below versions,

Divisions love U!


The poem is originally written by Jingle as an entry 4

ABC Wednesday, D Is 4 Division!!

The following practices come from Reference:

Practices 2 learn Divisions Method:

  1. Read the question.
  2. Count the pictures in each group.
  3. Write the number of items in one group or the number of groups

In the picture 12 items are divided into 3 groups with ___ in each.

This is made of 3 groups of 4 in each.
Answer : 4

Directions: Answer the following questions.

Q 1: In the picture below 6 stars are divided into 3 groups with ___ in each group.

Q 2: In the picture below 8 medals are divided into 4 groups with ___ in each group.

Q 3: In the picture below 12 cylinders are divided into ___ groups with 4 cylinders in each group.

Q 4: In the picture below 12 fishes are divided into 4 groups with ___ in each group.

Q 5: In the picture below 8 rectangles are divided into 4 groups with ___ in each group.

Q 6: In the picture below _____ hearts are divided into 4 groups with 5 in each group.

Q 7: In the picture below 10 parallelograms are divided into 2 groups with ___ in each group.

Q 8: In the picture below 9 boxes are divided into 3 groups with ___ in each group.


Beach Is A Great Place 2 Explore

My name is Pitten.

My age is seven.

I love collecting seashells on the shore,

I enjoy playing the sand and more.

Beach is a great place to explore,

Beach time has improved my arithmetic score.

I know how to add, subtract, and even multiply,

It is as easy as an apply pie.

1 times 7 is 7,

Add 4 years I turn eleven.

2 times 7 is 14,

That’s when I become a real teen.

3 times 7 is 21,

I love watching the rising sun.

4 times 7 is 28,

Doing math unit is simply great.

5 times 7 is 35,

I enjoy leaning how to dive.

6 times 7 is 42,

I choose an ocean over a pool.

7 times 7 is 49,

Running barefoot is so much fun.

8 times 7 is 56,

Life is full of numerical tricks.

9 times 7 is 63,

Swimming near a beach makes me feel FREE.

My name is Pitten,

My age is 7,

I love collecting seashells on the shore,

I enjoy playing the sand and more.

Beach is a great place to explore,

Beach time has improved my arithmetic score…


This is an entry for

ABC WednesdayB is 4 BEACH!

This is also an entry 4 Poetry Pantry

and 4 Monday’s Child

Math is NOT that hard to learn if one makes it fun and relaxing…I hope that you enjoy reading this!

Happy Thursday!

U Rock!

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Blue Math

A Math Problem 2 Solve:

Question: A city bank pays interest on savings at a rate of 4% per year. If a student has

$6, 700 deposit, what is the interest earned after a year? How much is left in the bank

after three years?

Hint: rate=4%=0.04, principal=$6, 700,

Formulas: One Year Interest=rate x principal=___ x______=_______

Three Year Interest=rateprincipal x time=___ x ____ x ____=_______

Money is the bank after 3 years=Principal + Three Year Interest=___ +__=___

Good Luck!  😉 😉 🙂

Blue Monday

And Alphabe-Thursday (Blue) at:


Radical Rap

To have the simplified form,

You must have product of distinct prime numbers under the radical sign.

To solve an equation of radicals,

You have to square the term on both sides

To obtain polynomials.

In order to multiply,

You do it by combining inside with inside,

And do the same with the outside.

When you must divide,

Some rules will apply.

Besides that,

You have to simplify

To keep radicals away from down the line.


I hope you have fun today!

Math Challenge

How can you get 24 using only numbers 8, 8, 3, and 3?

You can use main operation signs such as +, -, x, / or addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Solution:   two solutions

#1: 24=8/(3-8/3), see, the solution used 8 twice and 3 twice.

#2: Another solution could be  24=8+(8×3!)/3, which has 8 twice and 3 twice…

#3: Thom and Vishu have their best try, I consider their efforts correct.

You turn, it is a challenge, but I am curious about who can figure it out!

Have FUN to those of YOU who are interested in learning math!