When It Is Time To Bite The Bullet

Everyone has one’s own personal mission statement. Feelings, affections, respect, honesty, trust, and values can never be imposed . It is impossible for one to force water run up hills. You know your dreams, desires, and needs.

When you get into relation crisis, you shall know that there are always two parties involved.

A positive, promising, happy relation or friendship may last for a period of time only.

It is possible that you are enjoying what you have so much in a current relation, you think that everything is perfect, you start to cook up huge plans for future closeness in your head, but the other person begins to cool off by ignoring, complaining, even verbal abusing your words or doings. You believe that if you work hard, prove your own innocence, and tolerate all wrong doings from the other person, things will get better. But you find yourself getting ever more negative feedback. What shall you do?

You must bite the bullet, and let go.

I will use WORDS to show you how:




Step Back,

See it in the third party’s eyes,

Send out orders for yourself to follow,

Surmount obstacles,

Say goodbye,

Sail on,

Surpass surmises from environments


Seek novel friendships or partners again.




Pull out,


Put priority into perspective and practice,

Perform by picking up pieces,

Push for healing,

Pass the pensive page,

Partake the prizes,


Pleased to explore pleasure in people again.


Both #1 and #2 say the same thing, you must stay calm when it comes to end your relations with your friends, your coworkers, or your colleagues, especially it is the other party who decides to leave you for good. Stalking, emailing, or phoning in attempting to remain connected are not going to work. It only makes the other party feel worse about you.

Make no mistakes, friends. Let go, never ever compromise or cost your dignity.   Protect your dignity, keep it and you are the winner. 😉

Always walk with your head holding high and proud. Move on and explore your new happiness when it is time to bite the bullet.


Hello, friend, how are  YOU today?

This post is about letting go if the other party in your relationship or friendships has made a decision to leave you, (marriage cases are excluded here please).  Hope that you share your reflections with me.

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