She Was Afraid of Men

She was afraid of men,

She refused to think

About the rumors and sin

of the night.

When she saw a rooster flirt with a hen,

Her heart starts to sink

While unstoppable pain

dominates her brain, not alright.

She is chased by a clown

in her home town,

She gave him a frown

and left him to be alone.

The clown wrote a love song

and tried to come along,

But she placed a chain across her locked door

and had herself fainted on the floor.

A guy who is shy

determines to give his try.

They do distanced walk,

They do telephone talk,

She insists she needs no men’s approaches,

He believes he desires no woman’s touches.

They become best friends

Living together


This story ends.


Hello, how are U?

I grew up being taught by family members that

a woman shall have self-respect and never

beg a man for love….

Maybe it is true, maybe not, people are all

different and have various values.

I write this poem with the woman and the man

exhausted in their own perspectives simply for fun!

hope that you enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

😉 😉 😉

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Sunday Special-In Honoring Three Poets And More

Greetings,  Jingle is excited to honor THREE special

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William, The Three Awards R 4 U,

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Leadership Award

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Jamie, The Three Awards above R 4 U.

Jamie writes elegant poems and she has been working

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Leadership Award

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Brian Miller, Hope that YOU Enjoy The Three Awards Above.

This Morning, Jingle is excited to know from Brian’s Sunday 160 post

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submit your poems, keep reading and writing poetry, and keep coming

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Happy Sunday,

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May I Please Have A Sip of Wine

Friendly hello, get along,

Funny waves in a funny song.

Lullaby lures babies to sleep,

Roaring cars chase racing jeep.

Piano lessons, summer schools,

Everything is in order by particular rules.

May I please have a sip of wine

While waiting for my table to dine?

Teachers of youth

Always speak of hard earned truth.

Discard the fear,

Discharge the hatred,

Dissolve the greed,

Simply feel GREAT ;)!