Weekend Funnies Week 5-But A Fierce Tempered Man To Marry


There is No mile-long-tailed bird to tease,

No forest-sized fire burn to ease,

But a fierce tempered man to marry,

Do you worry or tarry?

Oh, Yes,

I surely guess.

I Beg,

My dear friend Meg,

You have to hearten your man first,

Feed him soft music

So that no lion like roars to burst.

Life is cool,

The sky is blue,

The turf is grassy,

Who dares to bully Meg, YOU, by being bossy?

Try your best, Meg,

Stop him from being a rotten egg.

A bad tempered man is not that bad,

As long as his heart itches for YOU as a lad.

If the fierce tempered man is a fire,

Meg, you shall be the water to calm his desire.

Love shall never expire,

Follow him until both of you retire.

Hello, How are You?

Happy Saturday!

;) :) ;)

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