Magpie Tale-The Magical Wish

The following is a Magpie Tale.


BJ is twelve years old and is a tomboy. She enjoys exploring everything around her and has wild imaginations.

BJ is the only child in her family. Her name comes from her parents, B from her Dad Bob, J from her Mom June.

The family lives in a country side village of North America, with their house surrounded by rows of trees.  Bob makes a living as a carpenter, June is a housewife, she grows vegetables in their family garden and sells some of them to locale town folks in nearby market place. BJ grows up closed to her Dad.

Even since BJ begged her parents for permission to build her a tree house so that she could reside within, she got her parents worried and frowned more often.

They love her, more than anything in the world, but this idea frightens them, they worry about her safety…eventually Bob and June give up, they wanted to make BJ happy.  Bob and June, especially Bob would do anything for BJ! After careful considerations; Bob built BJ the most beautiful tree house with the finest wood.

On the night BJ moved to her tree house, Bob handed her a wooden stick that is capped with silver.

“Start tonight, stars bright, hold this tight, you will be alright.” Bob handed the wooden stick to BJ, it has been a lovely pain  for Bob to see his baby girl grow up and shine like the sun and try to stay more distant from him in other cases.

“Please don’t feel bad, I know how to protect myself, DAD.” BJ gave Bob a bear hug and kissed him on his cheeks.

Their eyes met, both smiled.

After her Dad left, BJ bolted her door and settled herself comfortably in her bed. Everything in her bed is familiar, her pink bed sheets, her pink blanket; her favorite pillow …

The wooden stick is something that is novel and strange to BJ. She held it close to smell the fresh paint and found herself enjoy the feeling of holding it. It is such a treasure, because it is made by hand and with love, from her intelligent Dad.  BJ always feels proud of her DAD and admires his top skills in making delicate sets of furniture.

“I wish I can swim in the sea.” BJ closed her eyes with her cheeks resting on the skin of her wooden stick, and she made her wish, unconsciously!

All of a sudden, a force like electric current transforms from the stick to BJ, and in no time, before BJ knows what’s going on, she is flying above the sky with her wooden stick in her arms. “Help”. BJ screams but she finds that her voice is too weak to be heard by people on earth, all she could see or feel is the strong current inside her body, keeping her up in the air like a balloon, and she is among the twinkling stars.

After she feels completely lost, with her body as weak as a teabag, she finds her body falling from the sky, All the way down with accelerating speed.

“I am going to die.” A faint voice cries in BJ’s head.

BJ closes her eyes and stops thinking.

“Splash”. BJ lands on the water of the Pacific Ocean.

“What’s going on?” BJ bites her lips, again, nobody is near to hear her.

When BJ finally finds her consciousness, she finds herself wearing a black diving suit and is swimming like a fish under the sea.  All sorts of sea creatures wave hello to her, they follow

her behind and in no time, she swims with schools of fish behind her…She sees the most beautiful corals …BJ is entertained and smiles like an angel.

“Free at last. “ BJ tells herself.

“BJ, Time for breakfast.” Mom’s voice comes with a strong knock on her tree house door.

BJ opens her eyes, and knows that she has spent her first night at her tree house, and she is

safe and sound, ready for a new day, with her loving family.

The magical wish…BJ winks before she opens the door for her Mom.

In the days, weeks, months, years to come, the black wooden stick would stand against white washed wall of her bathroom during daytime, but when BJ is ready to go to sleep, her Dad would always remember to take the stick to BJ’s tree house.

“Start tonight, stars bright, hold this tight, you will be alright.” Bob will hand the wooden stick to BJ, the way he did in the first time, but with growing confidence in his voice.

“Thanks  a ton, Dad.” BJ would put herself in Bob’s arms and hold him tight, kiss his Dad goodbye.

And their eyes met, they both smile.

BJ wishes she could share her adventures with her parents, but she never did.

She is afraid of breaking the magical spell between her father and she, and she prefers to think that her DAD knows, he must know he has given his daughter a magical stick, a power that could protect BJ and offers her anything or everything a good girl could ever asks for or dreams about.

The magical stick is the power of love, the love between a father and a daughter.

BJ will always hold her stick when she is ready for bed, and she will close her eyes and make a wish!


Hello, how are YOU?

This is Jingle’s first attempt in writing a short story magpie tale, I guarantee you,

it is original and hope that you do spend time reading the whole story and

gets the theme out of it for a treat. Happy Tuesday!

😉 😉 😉