Magpie Tale on Mona Lisa

“Ever thought about the artist in black tie

who painted you exquisitely so that you inspire?


Ever read hundreds of tales called magpie

and were moved by their talents sky high?


Ever paid attention to hearts in blues

and graced them with your magical hues?”


I can only guess, of course,

You are an unstoppable force!


Magpie Tales

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Writing Challenges In Magpie, Alphabe-Thursday, Monday’s Child, and Month of the Year…

From a mother to her child =>

It’s magical time of the year,

I love you, my dear,

Light up, smile, carry no fear!

From a child to one’s mother =>

Hold me tight,

Feed my soul with love and light,

Smiles, carry pride.

Magpie Tales

Alphabe-Thursday (L is 4 love and light)

Monday’s Child

Months of the year challenge – Dec

Month/Word Chalenge-J Is 4 Jubilant January

On New Year’s Day,

We celebrate

and eat rice cake;

We dress

to impress,

We play chess

or card games;

We laugh with no shame,

We call everything cute names,

Everything is no more the same.

Cold winds blow

And the doorway is covered with snow,

Yet the fire at home offers cheerful glow

As our passion and desires 4 life grow.

Jubilant January

keeps bliss inch away…

We feel simply extraordinary

Before we hit February.

Alphabe-Thursday (J is 4 Jubilant January)

Magpie Tales (#43)

Month of the year challenge (January)

Magpie Tale #40-True Love Is Beyond Everything

Qin feels restless whenever she comes to her father’s study and looks at his books.

She is twelve now, living  with her father and her nanny, her mother died when she was  8 years old, and her father loves her so much that he has refused to the opportunities to remarry, despite that fact that he is a decent general of locale government in south of the country. They have a wealthy mansion, garden and pool are only a few minutes walk away from home.

She dreams of going to more advanced studies at the capital city, yet, her father always says NO, which makes her feel disappointed and hurt. Money is not the issue, her gender is, at that time, girls are not supposed to learn much due to tradition.

“I would say 100 YES if you are a son, my child.” Father’s words keep resounding in Qin’s ears,  making her wish that she were born a boy.

Her nanny, Sue,  is a smart young girl who is only 3 years older than Qin is. She knows what Qin wants, and she came up with an idea.

Together, Qin and Sue convinced the old general and they dressed up as males and started their journey to the North.

Qin has studied away from home for three full years, she met an intelligent classmate Bin and they call each other brothers….Bin has no clue of Qin’s true identity, yet, he enjoyed their time together, discussing problem during their studies, climbing mountains when they were free…They both earned many honors and ranked first class scholars .

By the end of three years, Qin falls madly in love with Bin. While Bin has no clue of who Qin really is and he took her passion in him as brotherly love.

Back at Qin’s home, her father worried about his only daughter Qin very much. He was busy with his duties, yet has kept in touch with Qin via hand written letters. And he had a huge plan for Qin: find a rich and highly ranked young fellow to marry his daughter, until then, he would not consider himself getting a wife, although he is old and does need someone to love and take good care of him.

Eventually, Qin responded to her old father’s letter and decided to come home. Her father truly needed her.

Bin and Qin walked a long way before their departure. Along the way, Qin wanted to tell Bin she is a girl in disguise and she loves him, yet, she could not do it. She pointed at the temple near by, asking for them to pray together, Bin is silly like a goose, he simply could not get her.

Finally, Qin is home and her father is excited to see her daughter grow taller, look more elegant,  she is about 16 years old now, at that time, it is a good time for her to get married.

Bin went back to the same school, trying to continue another year of studies, yet he felt empty and lonely without Qin beside. And to his huge surprise,  he discovered a letter from Qin, it says: come to see me in my house as soon as the winter semester is over.  I have found a perfect wife for you.  A necklace is inside the envelope…

Back at Qin’s home, Qin’s father dropped a bomb news while she was sewing and thinking of what’s Bin would think when he comes to see her and find out that she is a girl, not a guy.

Upon Qin’s father’s announcement of her arranged engagement with Mia, a man she never knows and feels for, Qin’s world turned upside down. She fell silent and irresponsive…All she can think of is Bin.

Bin flies all the way to see Qin. He has fears,  yet his longing for Qin makes him brave. He finally figured out that Qin is the wife he is promised. And He treasured the necklace and looked at it whenever he thought of Qin and her wit and her care and her smiles…

Qin’s father repeated his standings to Qin once again before giving permission for them to meet face to face at Qin’s garden home: parents decide your marriage, no other options.

Seeing Bin smiling all over at her, her heart winces with pain. How wrong for her to say NO while she knows Bin is the one she truly wants…

Back and forth, they talked about their past, expressed how much they long for each other.

Yet, due to taboos set up by the society and his father, she could not marry him.

Bin was  hurt and her spirits were killed half by the end of the meeting. He promised Qin to come back to see her when he gets better from his sickness, and Qin trusted his words, But she knew that the date for their meeting is nowhere to be seen, unless they die together.

Within a month, news came and Bin was gone.

The next week, Mia and his family sent people to welcome Qin into their arranged marriage.

The pain of losing Bin made Qin feel heartbroken and she became super sick.

She refused to get ready to go despite the urges from her old father. In the end, her father started to yell, heartbroken as well, he loved his daughter and thought that what he did was for her best, yet Qin has been drafting farer away from him, barely speaks to him ever since Bin left.

Finally, Qin made a request: she would coop to get ready for Mia unless she is arranged to make a stop to Bin’s tomb, wearing white…

Qin’s father said Yes!

And on this wedding day of her and Mia, she dressed all white,  was sent to Bin’s tomb site.

She cried her heart out about his death and swore again:

we could not be together while alive,

yet I wish to be with you in Heaven…

As soon as her words fly out of her mouth, all of the sudden, dark winds blew, a loud thunder rolled over from distance and Bin’s tomb popped open with pouring rain and shouting thunder.

‘Bin, here I come.”

Qin flew all the way in and disappeared from Bin’s tomb site.

When the rain stopped, two lovely butterflies fly out of the bomb and danced cheerfully in the air.

People believed that they were Qin and Bin.

That’s the end of the story.

True love is beyond Everything! And this tale is retold by many generations and people never get bored of enjoying it.


This tale is inspired by a folk tale called the butterfly lovers

I watched a movie version this morning, the ending sets me in tears, my eyes are red and i feel the urge to share it with English does fit magpie tale prompt in my view.  Of course, I have omitted many details and changed the names as well.  Enjoy!

magpie tale

Lovely Bubbles

Lasting only 4 a few seconds,

They glow with a rainbow light.

Stirring up excitement in the air,

What a magical transformation in sight.


Lovely bubbles, lonely bubbles,

Colorful bubbles, plain bubbles,

All dance with joy everywhere,

It’s phenomenon to see them appear.


Bubbles of dreams at times

hold the envision of the bursting foam,

Discover your own rhymes,

Bring your bubbles home.


One Single Impression (lonely)

Magpie tale

Writer’s Island (Envision)

Alphabe-Thursday (D is 4 Discover)

Poets United Thursday Thinking Tank (Color)

Let Time Show, Tic Toc Toe

Time is full,

Full of expectations,

Full of growth,

Full of grace.


Full of pains,

Full of gains,

Full of loses,

Full of wins,


Time could tell,

Time could yell,

Time could smell,

But she has me under a spell.


Time is free,

Free to grow a tree,

Free to spend,

Free to share with a friend.


Time could dance,

Time could balance,

Time could reveal,

Time could prevail.


Let time go,

Free your ragged soul,

Let time show,

Tic toc toe.


magpie tale

Theme Thursday

And The Fun Never Ends

A baby Fairy dragon is very merry

Because he is going fishing with his Dad Terry.

Up and down,

He dances around

In his cheery little town

Until he sees what he stumbles upon:

Standing in front of him

Is a violet flower

That looks sad and slim

And holds No power.

“What’s going on?”

The green dragon asks with a frown.

“Although full of grace,

Stuck in one single place,

No freedom to explore

The world like others do,

how can my dreams come true?”

The young flower is in tears

holding all those sadness and fears.

The fairy understands her blues.

This is something she could never choose.

He turns on his magical power

and grants the wishes of the poor flower:

They have made an adventurous escape

and recorded everything in a video tape.

The flower has gone fishing with her new friends,

And the fun never ends.


#1: Monday’s Child #11

#2: Theme Thursday (reason)

#3: Magpie Tale at magpie tale

#4: Alphabe-Thursday’s Rainbow Summer School (Violet)

Magpie Tale-The Tolerance of Everything

Upon the beginning of Fall,
Where apple trees stand proud and tall,
U see apples hang up high,
some are brave, some are shy.
Apples come in various shapes and sizes,
The benefits of eating them outshine any prizes.
When hunger hits you big,
U have No chance to pick.
In an apple eating contest,
Things happen in the way you may have never guessed.
Crunch, Crunch,
Eat them raw,
Munch, Munch,
Exercise your jaw.
Three days without a meal,
U swallow 54 apples in a row,
With the 55th apple you must deal,
U bite into an apple with a flaw,
Everyone laughs at you
When you chew,
and complete your due.
U win the competition
With your freshly demonstrated reputation-
The tolerance of everything!


magpie tale is hosted by Willow….

Magpie Tale -Songs of The Summer

There are two lyrics
About summer,
One hangs in space,
Obligated by the sun
And the sound of ocean waves,
Obscured under the shades of green cliffs;
The other one is abstract,
Kept alive by spirits
And the bubbles of your dreams,
Deflected from the reality
of conflicts and grieves.
Thoughts linger in minds,
Fish swim in waters,
Pumpkins ripen on vines,
and the direction of the wind matters
Because it defines your beliefs.
The images of the Fall season mark a future
In nature
That spans the gap between the unknown
And the known.
It is late August,
Don’t dwell in the bathtub for too long,
Listen to your favorite summer song
Before it is completely gone!


Magpie Tale

Magpie Tales

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