Family Fridays-Who Is She?

She is a poet caring for no fame,

Not everyone knew her name,

Single and happy, always playing a game,

She would say: “I keep modifying

I don’t want to be the same.”


Solitude may knock her in her head,

Emptiness may be obvious in her bed.

Uneasiness could echo to make her feel sad,

But she would say: “I keep on following

Where the leaders led.”


She may try,

She may not reach her goal,

But her spirits is never going to die.

Befriend with her, you will know

she is the friend you never want to say goodbye.


When the sun rises,

She is the time.

When the poet composes,

She is the rhyme.

Who is she?

She is Trisha, a major role of our Poets” Family.


From Trisha –> Jingle:

You Truly Rock Award From Trisha

Unique Sweet Jingle Award

Jingle is our Fairy of Spring N Sunshine Award

God Bless Your Beautiful Heart Sweet Jingle Award

Trisha bestowed Jingle the above  beautiful awards,

how sweet she is! The poem is dedicated for

her, thank you, Trisha, for being sweet and positive. xxx

From Jingle –> Trisha:

You Are A Trail Blazer Poet Award

You Are A Happy Company Award

Hope that you enjoy the TWO awards above, Trisha!


Family Is Special To Me Award

The Most Intelligent Fairy Award

4 awards from Trisha (on top) +2 awards from Jingle (on bottom)

=6 awards for the following friends.

Keeping up with the Schultz Family


The Zen Of Motherhood


The Poetry Wagon…

Thom’s Pace 4 Well Whatever..


Luisa Doraz



Stony River: a writing life

For I am blessed!

Terra Del Sole

June Freaking Cleaver

Peterson~St. Louis

Ann @ Tin & Sparkle

Alice Audrey

Trisha: Happy Family Friday,

Enjoy 8 awards back to You!

Amy and Lori are cohost for Family Fridays!

55-You Have…I Have…

You have a wife to defend,
I have a garden to tend.
You have kids to raise,
I have roses to praise.
You have bills to pay,
I have weeds to weed.
You have floor to mop,
I have tools to shop.
You have family, friends
And love to share,
I have flowers to spare.


Write a a poem, or anything that is fiction  in 55 words. Give it a try and notify G-man

I used web tool to count my writing which is exactly 55 words… WORDCALCULATOR


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