A Funky Fairy Tale By Trisha

A demon loved an angel
To the limit of insanity
They are not for each other
This much he knew for sure
He knew she will walk away
The moment he shows himself
So he donned a mask
Conned her into loving him.

But what could he do to himself
Soon the mask started to peel
The angel left him
When the mask fell off his face.
First she was angry and bitter
Then he realized his helplessness
His heart was forcing him
To hound her to force her to him.

The demon got furious
Believed her a traitor
He called her names, taunted her
She asked him to change himself
He refused said her love was fake
tried to make her jealous, bitter
hit her from every angle, corner
she reminded him she was an angel.

To have an angel in his arms
He will have to be one
A simple truth that can’t be undone
Oil and water can’t mingle
Black and white can’t embrace
To mingle with each other
They have to be same
Or sacrifice himself in absolute sense.


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Thursday Poets Rally Week 29 is still open for submission, please place a link to your entry poem under the post below: (Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to display the bell in your poem post, Trisha made two for our Rally week 29!)


Sharing A Poem By Trisha 4 Jingle’s Poetry Monday Potluck

Changing colors

changing colors of festivals
early memories
when festival meant celebration
happiness, fun, new dresses
gifts, crackers and treats
waiting all the year
for the hand-counted minutes.

slowly enjoyment takes backseat
spiritualism seeps in
crackers are replaced by hymns
fun, cheer and laughter watches
while deep sense of peace wins

then comes those days
when only the sense of well being
company of divine reins
all other feelings simmer down
festival becomes union with divine.

a satisfied soul sits with a smile
watches others enjoying things it did.

This poem is written by Trisha for Jingle Poetry Potluck….

Check out her post here:


our sweet princess

for Jingle by Trisha, she is a blessing all around!

For such a long time, she is there, supports Jingle in her unique and beautiful way!


You Are The Best! Trisha!

Today is my son’s Birthday,It is also the birthday of son of Amanda (buttercup), I wish both young men a Very Special Birthday!

Please visit Trisha to enjoy her art/poetry and visit Amanda to offer your greetings:



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Happy Sunday! Love You All!

The Perfect Poet Award Acceptance Poem Plus…

Do you remember ODE-

Ordinary Differentiate Equation?

Do you like to be reminded of

How much a fine mathematician

love to work on math as if one is a magician?

Let me teach you

about how to differentiate a polynomial

By the power rule.

The rate of change in distances at certain time period is called speed,

The rate of change in the increase of population is called average growth,

How about the rate of change in each second?

The way to calculate the instant rate of change

Is to differentiate…

For a polynomial,

The derivatives to any fixed number or constant

Is zero,

The derivative to 1  is zero,

The derivative to 2 is again zero,

The derivative to 200 is also zero..

What a hero.

The derivatives to any power of x

Is to bring down the power as a coefficient,

Reduce the power to x by one.

For example,

The derivative of x to the power 5

Is 5 times x to the power 4…

Do you get it?

Did you picture it?

The derivative of x to the power 2

Is 2 times x to the power 1,

Which is the same as 2 times x or 2x,

How divine!

If you stick to the rule,

You can do it correct and feel cool.

Keep working on it,

Keep thinking of it,

You will make it,

Thanks to Trisha, Fiveloaf, and Pravin who have nominated Jingle for The PERFECT Poet Award , which Jingle feels very honored and accepts here,  Please visit them to read their OUTSTANDING work in poetry today…



Pravin nair

For Week 27 The Perfect Poet Award, Jingle wishes to nominate (she is nominated by 3 poets, thus decides to nominate three poets here.)




Congratulations! Tracy, Leonnyes, and JP, I enjoy your talent in writing or poetry and feel very blessed to have you join Poets Rally Week 26…


I wold like to  make an announcement about Pravin Nair whose  poetry has been published as a book! :) :)

The link to Pravin Nair’s book publishing announcement:

Let’s Celebrate by visiting her and give her the greetings and love she deserves! cheers!


The Power Rule

xn =  nxn−1

“The derivative of a power of x

is equal to the product of

the exponent  times

x with the exponent reduced by 1.”

That is called the power rule.  For example,

x5 =  5x4

However, we know that the power rule is true when n = 1:

x1 =  1· x0 =  1;
that it is true when n = 2:
x2 =  2x;
and that it is true when n = 3 :
x3 =  3x².

It seems natural, then, to give a proof by induction;  The induction hypothesis will be that the power rule is true for n = k:

xk =  k xk−1,

and we must show that it is true for n = k + 1; i.e. that

xk+1 =  (k + 1) xk.


xk+1 = d
x· xk
xk+1 = x· k xk−1 + xk· 1,
xk+1 = k xk + xk
xk+1 = (k + 1)xk.

Therefore, if the power rule is true for n = k, then it is also true for its succesor, k + 1.  And since the rule is true for n = 1, it is therefore true for every natural number.

Problem.   Calculate the derivative of  x6 − 3x4 + 5x3x + 4.

6x5 − 12x3 + 15x² − 1

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Suppotive Blogger Award from Diamondsanddogs, for all my blogging friends

Thank You For Being My Friend Award from Diamondsanddogs

Special Thanks go to Adam, Trisha, Diamondanddogs for creating and passing these treasure around to Jingle. xxx

Happy Happy Sunday 2 u all, 😉 😉 😉

Everyday Is A Rally By Ibok and Long Live Thursday Rally 4 Poets from Trisha and More

Everyday is a rally a poem by Ibok

I just want to read from you
hear what you have to say
and where your muse had wandered to.

Everyday is a rally
it brings me much pleasure
to know you will be here
to share my point of view.

Everyday is a rally
keeping us together
exchanging kind words
through fine and stormy weather.

Everyday is a rally
oh! I just love everyday.
Can you feel the feel I feel
in writing this to you?

Words from Ibok

Written in support of the  Thursday Poets Rally. Post on your Blog attaching the above logo in support of this movement…Super Cheers!


thursday rally for poetsThursday rally for poets

universe of love a poem by Trisha

A small galaxy
Created by magic
Twinkling together
A constellation
Of loving stars
Surrounding moon fairy
Queen of their heart.

A place in this big world
Where love is shared
Laughter is spread
Envy, anger, bitterness
Turn back from the gate
Love, admiration rushes in
Makes a place to stay.

This is our small universe
Shining in our own special way
A cluster of kindred souls
Longing to stay this way
To dwell together
In the world of dream
In the world of poetry.

Where clumsiest tries
Are judged with love
Weirdest works are praised
For we know in our hearts
We have only love to spread
Life is too short to waste
So we spread only light.

Words from Trisha

My priceless friend and classic poet Emmanuel inspired this post.

He is a marvelous poet and a friend to be cherished with all heart


I followed his lead and proudly added my cheers to his. Cheers for Jingle’s cyber baby, which is now playing in our life’s play ground, brightening up our lives.

Thursday Rally for poets, visit the special blog which Jingle created for it:


Just as Emmanuel said, lets all spread this wave of togetherness, you can use this pic or the one on Emmanuel’s blog if you want to put up a post.

Lets help this tiny baby to run and win the cyber world.



A poem from Amanda

We can love together, we can strive together
We can play together, we can pray together
We can plan together, we can stand together
We can cry together, we can try together
The future of man is built on a plan
Of working together whenever we can
For together, forever we bring
The best, the good of it all


A Poem by Kavita

He said it, I am just his echo
He meant it, I mean it ditto!

Yes, everyday is a rally
It brings us closer
Makes us pleasant and pally
And appreciate the other…

Cheers to Jingle for the Rally, Emmanuel for this amazing poem, and to all poets that make this Rally a rally!
Love you all…

Words from Rhythm of My Soul:

Poem by Emmanuel Ibok in support of the Thursday Poets Rally. I concur to every word in the poem! Thursday Poets Rally is one of the best things that has happened to me as a blogger; Reading thoughts of inspired bloggers,  receiving comments that pushes us forward, participating in events together… its almost like we are family here .


Words and poem from Tracy:

My little contribution to the movement:

“Rally On!”

Poetry is our passion
Whether in, or out of fashion
We find our way to use this voice
For some of us, we have no choice
We have to speak with meter and rhyme
We think in a rhythm and write in time
As for me, I learn from each poem you write
I find new ways to get my voice just right
Each comment you make, I always tally
And look forward to Thursday for Jingle’s next Rally.


Words from Alan:

Thank you Jingle for all you have done, it sure makes poetry a lot of fun. Jingle I love you and the poet’s rally. I love everything you do!!!!!!I love all of your awards and comments, you know how to make people feel special!! Great Job and Long Live Jingle’s Poet’s Rally!!! Inspired by Emmanuel and Buttercup.


links to these poets:





Musing By Moonlight:http://musingbymoonlight.com/2010/07/05/everyday-is-a-rally-via-lordemmanuels-blog/


Rhythm of My Soul:http://rhythmofmysoul.wordpress.com/2010/07/06/everyday-is-a-rally-by-emmanuel-ibok/


Hello, friends and poets.  I am totally touched and tickled by Six +ONE+One, fellow poets, Ibok, Trisha, Amanda, Musing By MoonlightKavita, Rhythm of My Soul, Tracy, and Alan. who write outstanding poetry and have been Thursday Poets Rally members for many weeks…

Well, No worry, dear friends, Thursday Poets Rally is in good shape and will run continuously in the future. Here, Jingle wants to say THANK YOU for all of you who have attended and supported Poets Rally….

Today’s world is open and global, we shall never fear competitions, we shall welcome challenges, we shall stay cool and have open mind to all poets who try to make a difference… Please feel free to look around, try out other poets activities and get the best out of your life.  Think of Google and Yahoo, think of internet explorer, firefox, and google throne, I am ready to learn from others, I adore any fresh ideas and novel methods in promoting poetry and encouraging poets in general…you have the option to try things out, make decisions of what you really want and enjoy doing poetry….

Jingle has her first prose published in a college paper as a sophomore. Recent years, she has written small pieces of opinions and has one appeared in locale newspaper and another appeared in university newspaper …Jingle reads books, poetry, newspapers, magazines, online news, …one shall never stop learning and trying fresh things…

Well, here are some other Online poetry press who accept poem entries, feel free to try:

Author Spot:


Hamilton Stone Review:


Young American Poets:


The Main Street Rag Publishing Company:


The Dead Mule:


Empowerment Women:


Blue Fifth Review:




Vox Poetica:


Tipton Poetry Journal:


Drunken Boat:




Weave Magazine:


Promising Poets’ Parking lot:


Thank You for the Friendship

Think of You, my friend!

Shakira, Where R U?-FACE OF THE WEEK #14

Shakira, Where R U?

Sweet and beautiful

Helpful hands

Admirable poet

Keen on everything

Innovative and inspiring

Radiant and witty

An amazing friend


I noticed that many poets, including Trisha and Wordwand, are asking a big question: what happened to Shakira? what’s going on with Shakira? Jingle has no clear ideas…But she is out there, she seems not feeling very well. Thus, this post is for HER!

Please Visit Shaikra’s blog at : http://justmeshakirack.blogspot.com/

To give her the attention, encouragement, and love she truly deserves!


This post is an entry for a Meme called FACE of The Week hosted by Special Peepol at:


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Please join the fun!

Looking forward to seeing YOUR wonderful faces!

😉 😉 😉

Thursday Poets Rally Week 19 Poem Post

When troubles bring you down,

You may not know what to do.

Please look inside your heart,

And you shall know I love you.

You are in each thought I have,

And every breath I take.

You dominate my soul,

With every move I make.

I recall us the way we used to be,

Your smile is so remarkable to me.

What we have shared feels so right,

To say I love you, every single night.

Don’t you know that you make my days count,

I am the happiest when you are around?

It doesn’t matter what others say,

As long as I love you, day by day.

At the edge of the mountain,

I see your face in clouds,

Feeling within,

In the deepest part of my dreams,

I see you out of breath,

from the warmth of your skin.

Hold you deep within my soul,

Kiss you without control.

Take me to another dimension

So that I sense the heat of your passion.

On the wings of a rocket,

My love 4 u flies.

Soaring all the way high in the sky,

Tears well up in my eyes.

I love you,

This is true!


The Perfect Poet Award week 19

Hello, Thanks to Shakira at YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!,

Jingle is pleased to accept the nomination for The Perfect Poet Award

Week 18.  Thank You, Shakira, you are so very open minded and kind. xxx

As for week 19 nomination of The Perfect Poet Award, Jingle wishes to nominate Brian Miller at WaystationOne.

Brian has been our Thursday Poets Rally participants for 18 weeks in  a row, he always works at the front line commenting for fresh poets, and he is the only one who has been commenting for all participants every single week. Even if he leaves our Rally from now on, still, he deserves the highest honor and the loudest praises from Jingle, and from all of those poets, who have grown attached to his support and known him for quite a while.

Dear Brian Miller, Thank YOU for all the work you do, we welcome you back to our Rally any time in your personal convenience with the warmest applauds. Always, U R The Best and Deserve The BEST!  xxx

Please stop by WaystationOne  today to say hello and show your appreciation if your poetry has been praised by him before, or simply want to make friends with him.

Super Comments Award

Award from Amy at: Keeping up with the Schultz Family


Amy is one of the most amazing friends Jingle ever has, she hosts Round Robin once a month and co-hosts Family Fridays with Lori during Fridays, her posts are always creative, referring to her food items or arts, crafts posts. She also shares her precious family, including her extended family with her followers, plus, she always opens to share awards with all of us.

Thank you, Amy, for such a special award. Jingle is very careful and will share it with the following friends.  xxx

Please visit Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family today, she is easy going and love any comments you make.

Brian Miller



Jannie Funster


Luisa Doraz












Celebrating a Year

When I Reach


Emmanuel Ibok

Jean Has Been Shopping





Angelia Sims


Short Poems


Amy, Thank You again! The following  is for Amy

and also for all of U who read it.

😉 😉 😉

Family Time Is Vacation Time

Awards from Wordwand, Trisha, and More

Weekly Poet Whom Is Worth Reading Award

A Special Award from Wordwand:


Thank you Wordwand for this special offer. Jingle is highly honored and humbled. xxx

Please visit Wordwand at Wordwand and read the following POETS today.

Brian William JStar Doraz Trisha Celebrating a Year Artswebshow Suzicate

Doubtfulpoet Jruthkelly Rajlakshmi Me kkrige Tammy Sam ♥ Chocolate Lover ♥

Readers Dais The walking man Sam Liu -Sweeter Poetry Dom* Jim Anya Pravin Nair

PattiKen David Rheins Eaton Bennett Stan Ski Kim Williams Cinner Mark Jackson

Adam Poet Traveler Talon Viola Alice Audrey Ediomo Udofia Justsomethoughts…

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award from When I Reach: http://00dozo.blogspot.com/

Thank You for your open mind and beautiful attitude as a friend. xxx

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Jingle tags the following 12 friends.




Steve E



Secret agent woman

Sam Liu

Jane Jones



Crystal Mary

You Make My World Rock Award

Your Soul Is Full of Music Award

Your Song is like Summer Rain Award

We Share The World When We share Love Award

Awards from Trisha:



Trisha is the sweetest heart and always spread love around our blogging universe. Thank you, I accept because they are made by hand with love. xxx

Please visit Trisha at Trisha.

Thanks 4 The Add Award

The Five Star Blogger Award

The Best Blogger In Spring of 2010 Award

Your Blog Deserves A Fabulous Bling Award

All 4 awards on the bottom are from Jingle.

Trisha’s Awards 4

Jingle’s Awards 4


Awards 4 all of U

Who are on the list, or reading this post.

Please feel free to claim and enjoy.

Leave me a comment so that I know who YOU are.

Many Thanks.

Happy Tuesday!

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Family Fridays-Who Is She?

She is a poet caring for no fame,

Not everyone knew her name,

Single and happy, always playing a game,

She would say: “I keep modifying

I don’t want to be the same.”


Solitude may knock her in her head,

Emptiness may be obvious in her bed.

Uneasiness could echo to make her feel sad,

But she would say: “I keep on following

Where the leaders led.”


She may try,

She may not reach her goal,

But her spirits is never going to die.

Befriend with her, you will know

she is the friend you never want to say goodbye.


When the sun rises,

She is the time.

When the poet composes,

She is the rhyme.

Who is she?

She is Trisha, a major role of our Poets” Family.


From Trisha –> Jingle:

You Truly Rock Award From Trisha

Unique Sweet Jingle Award

Jingle is our Fairy of Spring N Sunshine Award

God Bless Your Beautiful Heart Sweet Jingle Award

Trisha bestowed Jingle the above  beautiful awards,

how sweet she is! The poem is dedicated for

her, thank you, Trisha, for being sweet and positive. xxx

From Jingle –> Trisha:

You Are A Trail Blazer Poet Award

You Are A Happy Company Award

Hope that you enjoy the TWO awards above, Trisha!


Family Is Special To Me Award

The Most Intelligent Fairy Award

4 awards from Trisha (on top) +2 awards from Jingle (on bottom)

=6 awards for the following friends.

Keeping up with the Schultz Family


The Zen Of Motherhood


The Poetry Wagon…

Thom’s Pace 4 Well Whatever..


Luisa Doraz



Stony River: a writing life

For I am blessed!

Terra Del Sole

June Freaking Cleaver

Peterson~St. Louis

Ann @ Tin & Sparkle

Alice Audrey

Trisha: Happy Family Friday,

Enjoy 8 awards back to You!

Amy and Lori are cohost for Family Fridays!

Come What May-Trisha, Happy New Year!

Never knew I could feel like this
Like I’ve never seen the sky before
I want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I’m loving you more than this
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time
Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day
Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste
It all revolves around you
And there’s no mountain too high
No river too wide
Sing out this song,

I’ll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time
Oh, come what may, come what may
I will love you, I will love you
Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place.

Click on the link below to listen to Come What May:



the most fabulous poet award
The Most Fabulous Poet Award
your touch

Your touch

you are the sun
for your blog

For You and Your blog

You are the heart beat

shubho nabobarsho 1417....2010
shubho nabobarsho 1417….2010

Shubho Nabobarsho
Happy New Year (1st baisakh, 1417, 15.04.2010)!

you are awesome

You Are Awesome Award

Notes and Awards From Trisha:

Dear jingle,

15th April is New Year in Bengal, the place where I reside. So, here is my New year gift for you, with lots of love and best wishes:

1. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/the-most-fabulous-poet/
2. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/your-touch/
3. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/you-are-the-sun/
4. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/for-you-and-your-blog/
5. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/you-are-the-heart-beat/
6. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/shubho-nabobarsho/
7. http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/awards/you-are-awesome/

With lots of affection and warmest wishes,


Trisha, You are such an angel in our loving community, Jingle wishes

YOU and YOUR Family AVery Happy New Year!

Jingle knows that YOU are single and happy, but sooner or later,

YOU will meet and find your LOVE and form a family.

The post is for YOU, Trisha.xxx

These gifts from Trisha are very beautiful and precious,

Jingle posts them here so that YOU, who are reading this post

can feel free to take them and spread love around the world….

From Trisha To Jingle, From Jingle to YOU!

Happy Happy Wednesday!

Happy New Year’s EVE to Trisha and Her Family!

Awards for all of YOU who are reading this post

and leave a comment…

Visit Trisha at Trisha today to have a fabulous new friend NOW!


Now this is for Trisha from Jingle:

Flowers and Roses Comment Graphic 10

Flowers and Roses Comment Graphic 10

Thank You Comment Graphic 3