Thursday Poets Rally Week 19 Poem Post

When troubles bring you down,

You may not know what to do.

Please look inside your heart,

And you shall know I love you.

You are in each thought I have,

And every breath I take.

You dominate my soul,

With every move I make.

I recall us the way we used to be,

Your smile is so remarkable to me.

What we have shared feels so right,

To say I love you, every single night.

Don’t you know that you make my days count,

I am the happiest when you are around?

It doesn’t matter what others say,

As long as I love you, day by day.

At the edge of the mountain,

I see your face in clouds,

Feeling within,

In the deepest part of my dreams,

I see you out of breath,

from the warmth of your skin.

Hold you deep within my soul,

Kiss you without control.

Take me to another dimension

So that I sense the heat of your passion.

On the wings of a rocket,

My love 4 u flies.

Soaring all the way high in the sky,

Tears well up in my eyes.

I love you,

This is true!


The Perfect Poet Award week 19

Hello, Thanks to Shakira at YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!,

Jingle is pleased to accept the nomination for The Perfect Poet Award

Week 18.  Thank You, Shakira, you are so very open minded and kind. xxx

As for week 19 nomination of The Perfect Poet Award, Jingle wishes to nominate Brian Miller at WaystationOne.

Brian has been our Thursday Poets Rally participants for 18 weeks in  a row, he always works at the front line commenting for fresh poets, and he is the only one who has been commenting for all participants every single week. Even if he leaves our Rally from now on, still, he deserves the highest honor and the loudest praises from Jingle, and from all of those poets, who have grown attached to his support and known him for quite a while.

Dear Brian Miller, Thank YOU for all the work you do, we welcome you back to our Rally any time in your personal convenience with the warmest applauds. Always, U R The Best and Deserve The BEST!  xxx

Please stop by WaystationOne  today to say hello and show your appreciation if your poetry has been praised by him before, or simply want to make friends with him.

Super Comments Award

Award from Amy at: Keeping up with the Schultz Family

Amy is one of the most amazing friends Jingle ever has, she hosts Round Robin once a month and co-hosts Family Fridays with Lori during Fridays, her posts are always creative, referring to her food items or arts, crafts posts. She also shares her precious family, including her extended family with her followers, plus, she always opens to share awards with all of us.

Thank you, Amy, for such a special award. Jingle is very careful and will share it with the following friends.  xxx

Please visit Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family today, she is easy going and love any comments you make.

Brian Miller



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Amy, Thank You again! The following  is for Amy

and also for all of U who read it.

😉 😉 😉

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