Sharing A Poem By Trisha 4 Jingle’s Poetry Monday Potluck

Changing colors

changing colors of festivals
early memories
when festival meant celebration
happiness, fun, new dresses
gifts, crackers and treats
waiting all the year
for the hand-counted minutes.

slowly enjoyment takes backseat
spiritualism seeps in
crackers are replaced by hymns
fun, cheer and laughter watches
while deep sense of peace wins

then comes those days
when only the sense of well being
company of divine reins
all other feelings simmer down
festival becomes union with divine.

a satisfied soul sits with a smile
watches others enjoying things it did.

This poem is written by Trisha for Jingle Poetry Potluck….

Check out her post here:

our sweet princess

for Jingle by Trisha, she is a blessing all around!

For such a long time, she is there, supports Jingle in her unique and beautiful way!

You Are The Best! Trisha!

Today is my son’s Birthday,It is also the birthday of son of Amanda (buttercup), I wish both young men a Very Special Birthday!

Please visit Trisha to enjoy her art/poetry and visit Amanda to offer your greetings:



Let’s celebrating blogging and creativity by commenting, sharing poetry, and pass love. If you have ever attended or are attending Jingle Poetry Potluck, please feel free to claim any awards/tags from this post, make sure to pass your awards to 1 to 10 friends…

Happy Sunday! Love You All!

27 thoughts on “Sharing A Poem By Trisha 4 Jingle’s Poetry Monday Potluck

  1. Glad to see the awesome trisha get the spotlight here today! An excellent poem by an individual who always makes my day with her comments. cheers 🙂

  2. Trisha – you bedazzle the seas with your words. I never tire of poems that so beautifully speak of my home away from home.

    glad you got some light on the subject.

    The yacht I crewed on the “Moon Glow II”

  3. thanks a lot jamie, adam, william, amanda, bing, claudia and moondustwriter. I am honoured and feel absolutely blessed to have friends like you in my life.

  4. Brilliant blog, I had not come across before in my searches!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. This is laid out quite incredibly well and you are able to see from the top quality, that it has been researched and thought out really properly. I have bookmarked it and am going to forward it to others that i know will probably be really interested inside the details. My father is in this business, he’ll love the way you laid out the information, I’ve sent him your link. I have alos posted a permanent hyperlink on my web page for other to discover this. It’s tough for anybody to disagree with this, the information is fantastically put together.

  6. Lovely to repost this, Ji! The poem embraces some profoundly beautiful and true concepts and the artwork in the awards is so cheerful and full of color.

    Thanks! Well worth more than one visit.

  7. A beautiful poem.
    Well done Trisha!

    Ji, you are indeed the BEST!
    What better way to encourage/support everyone by giving them treats (smile).

    A thousand “Thank yous” for everything you do for us.

  8. I absolutely loved this and I have to agree with Charles, the last two lines kind of say it all, for me at least;
    “a satisfied soul sits with a smile
    watches others enjoying things it did.”

    I think I’m finally getting there and I do so enjoy sitting back and watching all those that came after enjoying all the little things I enjoyed. When their eyes light up at a small gift, a craft we’re doing, or when I take them to see something for Christmas; oh the memories of joy that I had and am still enjoying make me feel so satisfied.
    This was a great read; praying that you have an awesome week!

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