Life Is A Journey ( 4 Poetry Potluck Week 17)

Thanks to Amanda/Kavita 4 The Inspirations,

Week 17 Theme: Journey and The Road Ahead


Life is a journey,

The path ahead is by no means smooth or shiny;

When days are rainy,

The road may by slippery and blinding;

when days are sunny,

The road may be narrow and winding;

There maybe ocean to cross,

There maybe mountains to pass,

You have to keep the course sailing,

Either you are driving or flying.

Say NO to road rages,

Say NO to drunk driving,

Check the forecast,

Research the past,

Travel with care,

Enjoy the views along the way and SHARE!

A rose 4 U, Fellow Jingle Poetry Participants…

You Are A Rare Friend Award

The Most Resilient Poet Award

Kreativ Blogger Award


It is NEW Year, Let’s have a jump start right from HERE!

I sincerely invite YOU, poets in our community to Join our Poetry Potluck Week 17 today! The Rose and The Three Awards ABOVE  are Our New Year’s Greetings For You! Enjoy!

Poetry Potluck (Journey and the Road ahead)

Friendship Means A World 2 Me

The Best Weekly Photo Award from purplehater:

The Most Creative Blogger Award from Imagina

U R A Rare Friend Award from Hoiden:

Friends are the best award from dragonfliesandgoodsebumps:

and from Tastithoughts:

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Riikainfinityy:

The Torch Bearer For Poets Award from Cindy:

Time flies, it is end of August, to celebrate love, birthdays, friendships, and the end of Summer, here, I take some awards from friends mentioned above and share them with ALL of U…

Happy End of August!

Anyone who read this post could claim three of the above awards without further notification from Jingle

Rules: take 3 of your choice and pass them to 1 to 10 friends.

PS: I take them trying to be fair to all of you because in the past, I have accepted other friends or poets’ award… thanks for thinking of me, xxx

Please feel free to visit these beautiful friends to enjoy their talent.








Friends are speical,

Friends are cool,

Friendship means a world 2 me,

Let’s get active and become friendly!

The Celebrate Blogger Awards Plus Prayers 4 Viola

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Food/Cooking Award has the following winners:

Amanda, Artswebshow (Each 6 votes)

Michelle ( 5 votes)

Jamie Dedes (4 votes)

Amy at keeping up the.., Amy at Buen Provecho, The Only Cin (3 votes)

Barbara (2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Food/Cooking Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Supagran, Hoiden, Colleen, Tandy, Koek, Willow, Opinions and Rectums (each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Humor Award has the following winners:

Doraz (11 votes)

Suzi (6 votes)

Wordwand (5 votes)

Shelia, G-man, Ibok, (Each 4 votes)

Comedy Plus, Shakira, Artswebshow, Trisha, Jannie Funster,  Jingle (Each 3 votes)

William, Thom, Sunny, Starla, Mama Zen, Secret Agent Woman, Dom*, Ishabelle, Pink Lady, Bananaz, Kathy (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Humor Honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Sandra, Megzone, Dennis, Laughing Hard, Insights and Belly Laughs, Beyond the Blog, Redgodenchilc, Halkpint, Nrhatchm, Robiin, Realiverman (1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Art/Painting Award has the following winners:

Artswebshow (5 votes)

Trisha, Adam, Poet Traveler (Each 4 votes)

Nicole, Suznne, Joanny, Desiree, Jingle, JP, (Each 3 votes)

Jannie Funster, Feltlikeknitting, Lynn, Liz (Morganna), Heartspell, Dennis, Jamie Dedes, Amy at Keeping up the Schzule…, Noha, Fuck Yeah (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Art/Painting Honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Gally, Wordwand, Soul Intention, Pat, Celebrating A Year, Megzone, Raj, Grandawl, Ilovepink, Artbythomas, Shakira,  C It My Way, Gaurav Sharma, Dancing Fresk, Redness, Ana, Leslie, Ciela Azul Jewelry (Each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories Award has the following winners:

Suzi (13 votes)

Hoiden, Kavita (11 votes)

Amanda, Trisha, William, Jingle (Each 10 votes)

Doraz, Fiveloaf, Ibok, Viola, (Each 9 votes)

Heartspell (8 votes)

Wordwand, Ishabelle, A Poem A Day, Poet Traveler, (7 votes)

Joanny, Megzone, Jessicas Japes, Collin, Sandra, Tracy, Dancingfreak, Rhythm of the soul (Each 6 votes)

C It My Way, Tim, Unexpectedintelltual, Celebrating A Year, D. S. Lear, Desiree, Artwebshow, Adam, Jamie Dedes, Pamela, Alan (Each 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories Runner-up Award has the following winners:

Edimio, Raj, Pinkjlady, J-star, G-man, Shoelessboywonder, Reedsss, Gally, Shakira (Each 4 votes)

Geardine, Patti, Mr. Stupid,, A New Day, Suzanne, Oscar, Kelly, Dismondsanddogs, Droagonsandgoosebumps, Claudia, Imagina, A Mother’s Tale, Sheri, Sweetanglenna, Passionate Fiction, Willow, Twinkle Twinkle (Each 3 votes)

Beyond the blog, Moondustwriter, Moe, Pete, Ms. Peachers, Maha, Marya, Lua, Robert cupcake poetry, The Only Cin, Betweenhearts75’s Blog, Blissbait, Adventure of a sober women, Commedy Plus, The Scented Statutory, Mirela, Creativity, Jannie Funster, Soul Intention, Anummunaf, JP, Oink, Kuhpinights, Art is my religion (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Dee, the walking man, when I was your age, Tara, Viddhi, one day at a time, creativity, Steveroni, Jade, Direkt, The Q. M,  girlfrom the Inn, Ms. Ott, Comfort Spiral, Shankha, The Guilding friends, unknown Mami, The BlaBla Blog, Creative Lee, View from the side, Beyond the years, Adeeyoyo, Let’s not go there, whateverfacotr, Newattitude, Colonialist, Tokeloshe, Everything and Nothing, Griginalnoomment’s Blog, Uphillwriting, Sonu, aardvarkin, De waal, Martin, Hootin’ Ann, Heartspeak, Val, Dewaldus’ Blog, BFG, Opoetoo’s Blog, Ever, Mid-thirty Misfit, Kimberly, Journojen, Lyndatjie’s Blog, susie (Each 1 vote)


As for short stories, to be fair, we have 36 winners, 50 runner-ups, and more than 40 honorable mentions

Thanks a lot for your participation, voting, and commenting…

Today, Rhythm of the soul has given me FRIENDSHIP awards,

Thanks for thinking of me, I take two of them and share here with everyone here, xxx.

you are amazing friend award

Friendship award


Family Is Special Award From Jingle

Fresh Flowers 4 U from Jingle

Thus, please feel free to take  awards you win, plus 4 general awards with you and share with your friends!

Well, life is full of tragedy and at times, we lose the one we love regardless how hard we try, this has happened today to

Viola, a poetry friend we all love and respect so much, she has been visiting and commenting for poets in the past few months and her contribution is invaluable for us. Jingle has enjoyed her friendship and comments very much.  I am sorry to tell you that her loving husband, Larry has passed away Sunday afternoon, what a sad news…

Please take a few minutes and visit viola to give her the comfort and support she deserves!


From Jingle 2 Viola

Peace and Love, From Jingle 2 Viola

You Are In Our Thoughts, From Jingle 2 Viola.

prayers for another friend who has passed away a few days ago,

Opinions and Rectums:

This blogging friend has passed away, I was shocked to find out today and he was nominated for Food award


The Celebrate Blogger of June Award Nomination Notice:

Awards from Wordwand, Trisha, and More

Weekly Poet Whom Is Worth Reading Award

A Special Award from Wordwand:

Thank you Wordwand for this special offer. Jingle is highly honored and humbled. xxx

Please visit Wordwand at Wordwand and read the following POETS today.

Brian William JStar Doraz Trisha Celebrating a Year Artswebshow Suzicate

Doubtfulpoet Jruthkelly Rajlakshmi Me kkrige Tammy Sam ♥ Chocolate Lover ♥

Readers Dais The walking man Sam Liu -Sweeter Poetry Dom* Jim Anya Pravin Nair

PattiKen David Rheins Eaton Bennett Stan Ski Kim Williams Cinner Mark Jackson

Adam Poet Traveler Talon Viola Alice Audrey Ediomo Udofia Justsomethoughts…

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award from When I Reach:

Thank You for your open mind and beautiful attitude as a friend. xxx

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Steve E



Secret agent woman

Sam Liu

Jane Jones



Crystal Mary

You Make My World Rock Award

Your Soul Is Full of Music Award

Your Song is like Summer Rain Award

We Share The World When We share Love Award

Awards from Trisha:

Trisha is the sweetest heart and always spread love around our blogging universe. Thank you, I accept because they are made by hand with love. xxx

Please visit Trisha at Trisha.

Thanks 4 The Add Award

The Five Star Blogger Award

The Best Blogger In Spring of 2010 Award

Your Blog Deserves A Fabulous Bling Award

All 4 awards on the bottom are from Jingle.

Trisha’s Awards 4

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Awards 4 all of U

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Many Thanks.

Happy Tuesday!

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