Shakira, Where R U?-FACE OF THE WEEK #14

Shakira, Where R U?

Sweet and beautiful

Helpful hands

Admirable poet

Keen on everything

Innovative and inspiring

Radiant and witty

An amazing friend


I noticed that many poets, including Trisha and Wordwand, are asking a big question: what happened to Shakira? what’s going on with Shakira? Jingle has no clear ideas…But she is out there, she seems not feeling very well. Thus, this post is for HER!

Please Visit Shaikra’s blog at :

To give her the attention, encouragement, and love she truly deserves!


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44 thoughts on “Shakira, Where R U?-FACE OF THE WEEK #14

  1. I miss her too, and haven’t seen her around for weeks now. I did leave her messages, but haven’t heard from her. I sure hope she isn’t real sick.

  2. She has a lovely face. I will check out her blog – hope she comes back soon and is ok. Thanks so much for sharing her lovely face on ‘Face of the Week’! I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks so much for participating!

  3. Miss you sweetie. Hoping you are doing ok – get rest and a break I know you are working this stuff hard!!!

    Love ya

  4. I do wish her all of the time she needs to get back up to a world that is easier to handle. 🙂 Hope it will be soon. I do miss her talents. 🙂

  5. She is not feeling well, the last time she pooped in. I am going to check her out.

    I love here adorable face! And a poet too.

  6. Excellent face of the week. I love it and this was a great post. I think that Shakira was in blog overload myself and needed a break. It happens to all of us. I do hope she is okay 🙂

  7. I miss shakira too much, she is the butterfly of our community , I hope she’s well.
    thanks jingle for the lovely acrostic and the sweet words , she really deserves that.
    Sweet and lovable

    Helpful and adorable

    A talented poet

    Keen on funnies

    Innovative and original

    R adiant and beautiful

    An awesome lady

  8. I have been waiting for her to post new pots… she updates everyday… but lo for the past 4 days have’t seen her…
    come back Shakira … we miss you …

  9. Thanks for the heads-up Jingle.. I’m heading over to Shakira’s pages now. We would be a lot poorer without her wonderful words and amazing beautiful posts. She is one of the most prolific posters I know and I love all of her enthusiasm and charm and kindness to everyone. She has such a sweet heart and wonderful character and beautiful mind. I feel our voices are all joining and raising up together as we miss her and say… “We hope you are ok dearest Shakira. We miss you so very much…hoping you can return to us very soon, dearest friend.

  10. I noticed too…I have been inconsistent cos I’ve been sick as well. I hope we get to hear from her asap as she is one member of our community we cant afford to miss.

    Peace and love to all.



  12. dear jingle,
    i have already left comments on her blog twice- thanks william for giving us a hint. i was getting really worried. i am a worrier anyway but she is so involved with us all that her absolute disappearance was really discomforting.
    may she get well today itself and be back with us 🙂 🙂

  13. you know now that you mention it she hasn’t posted in awhile. I just assumed she forgot to post for awhile or her internets down or on vacation… strange

  14. Ji, it’s lovely and thoughtful that you came up with an initiative like this…GOD bless!!!

    Shakira is a great friend indeed, U guys should look for her!!!!

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