Sunday News Flash Plus Awards

Poetry/Writing Communities I recommend:

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

Poets United

Magpie Tales

Writer’s Island

Big Tent Poetry

Friday Flash 55

Monday Poetry Train Revisited

One Single Impression

Carry On Tuesday

POW – Poetry On Wednesday

Sunday Scribbling

Three Word Wednesday


We Write Poems

Undead Poets

Imperfect Prose

Monday’s Child

Monkey Man‘s Sunday 160

Thursday Poets Rally at Jingle

Jingle’s Community Award Plus Special Poetry Awards:

Jingle’s Poetry Community Award for all poets who visited this blog

Happy Moments Together Blogging  Award, For all  friends who visited this blog

Suppotive Blogger Award from Diamondsanddogs, for all my blogging friends

Thank You For Being My Friend Award from Diamondsanddogs

Special Thanks go to Adam, Trisha, Diamondanddogs for creating and passing these treasure around to Jingle. xxx

Happy Happy Sunday 2 u all, 😉 😉 😉

69 thoughts on “Sunday News Flash Plus Awards

  1. Please feel free to take these awards,
    It takes me time to visit hundreds of you,
    thus I will be very happy if you leave a comment and take them on your own…


  2. Jingle, thank you for these awards! I think its awesome you take the time to give them out and leave comments. Thanks again! They are greatly appreciated!


  3. Lovely awards, Jingle. Thank you my friend! You are an excellent organiser.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate in the Poets’ Rally but would love to, time permitting. 😀

  4. Thanks so much for the info and awards!

    I am leaving the country for two weeks so my involvement in the Thursday rally will be taking a brief hiatus.

    I am in the process of organizing a feminist artists collective (female-rights focused but not exclusively female so as not to exclude boys) called F.A.T. (Feminist Artists Together). It would be focused on fostering and supporting female artists and young girls in low-income communities. I definitely thought of you and your involvement in the online poetry community. Anyone who considers themselves an artist and a feminist can join the mailing list by emailing me at

    More to come!

  5. Jingle,

    Everytime you visit my blog, you are making me smile and giving a pleasant surpise in the morning. Thanks a Billion for the Awards. Is all the four intended to me or any constraints like the previous one(Choose two) . I love to accept whatever you wish 🙂

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

      1. Aww… You made me smile again, I wish to take all the four.. Thanks a Billion…

        “A perfect morning starts with a perfect smile” and you are behind on Frendship Day and Today..

        Yours Frendly,
        Saravana Kumar M

  6. Thank you Ji, those are marvelous awards, and thank you for the info on writing & prompts community 🙂
    Have a good Sunday to all of my friends 🙂

  7. Thank you for the News flash and the awards, Jingle! Happy Sunday! Also, thank you for posting all the writing communities…that was so nice of you! Heartspell

  8. I so love getting awards from you, Ji!! They are a treat to the eyes, and to the soul too!!
    I really don’t know how you do it… but you are doing a fantabulous job, my dear friend…
    Love you TONS!!! 😀

  9. Thank you Jingle on behalf of We Write Poems. I’d like to echo, fantabulous job giving out love to poeming.

  10. Hi Jingle! Thanks for stopping by my site the other day and for your kind compliments! Your site is adorable and made me smile – thanks for helping me combat the Monday morning blues!

  11. Thank-you Jingle for introducing me to this wonderful community of writers. I love your writing and your energy and your generosity and support. Thank-you so much!

  12. Jingle, you amaze me. You must have “staff”! 🙂 Since I’m not a poet, you can be certain I am not soft-soaping you (isn’t that a strange expression?) when I tell you that I admire how you live the contents of your heart. What encouragement you give to poets. You just lay it right out there. You are an great reminder that together, we can do anything.

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