She Was Afraid of Men

She was afraid of men,

She refused to think

About the rumors and sin

of the night.

When she saw a rooster flirt with a hen,

Her heart starts to sink

While unstoppable pain

dominates her brain, not alright.

She is chased by a clown

in her home town,

She gave him a frown

and left him to be alone.

The clown wrote a love song

and tried to come along,

But she placed a chain across her locked door

and had herself fainted on the floor.

A guy who is shy

determines to give his try.

They do distanced walk,

They do telephone talk,

She insists she needs no men’s approaches,

He believes he desires no woman’s touches.

They become best friends

Living together


This story ends.


Hello, how are U?

I grew up being taught by family members that

a woman shall have self-respect and never

beg a man for love….

Maybe it is true, maybe not, people are all

different and have various values.

I write this poem with the woman and the man

exhausted in their own perspectives simply for fun!

hope that you enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

😉 😉 😉

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30 thoughts on “She Was Afraid of Men

  1. I was taught self respect too, and sorry being 64 years old I am still old fashion. LOL Nice poem and was a joy to read.

  2. This is interestingly unique clearly stating the fact that whatever the case there is someone out there that understands your desire and will respect you for that. I’m glad the woman could find such a man in her life time cos that would have been the only problem.

  3. i would like to hope there is room for honesty in any relationship, regardless of your gender…and when you do not feel loved, this is good for a husband to know as it keeps misunderstnadings from happening…

  4. i really don’t know about that Jingle.
    I was raised by a conservative family where a girl is expected to wait for love.

    well, i don’t know now. it’s been a long time waiting.

    nice poem. evocative. 🙂
    Good day jingle! 😉

  5. well delivered’s the same in this part of the world, women are reluctant to express or show love to men ; may be things are changing with the younger generations.thanks for sharing ; hugs.

  6. what an amazing post and way of looking at things.. I think I want anyone to love me. It is amazing how powerful love can make you feel. I think I deal with issues of a man because my bio Dad left early in my life. So I always look towards men to make sure I have their love and they won’t leave… My husband has shown me this and same with my Dad (step) who I feel is my only Daddy..

  7. Heyy Jingle,

    Nice poem..Ah!self respect can be such a difficult virtue to maintain when it comes to love…Women here(as in my country) too hold this opinion…don’t be the first to make the move..I donno if this position is right…but nice poem it is, no doubt!keep writing, I say!

  8. Hello Jingle.
    You seem to have aroused a lot of different opinions with this evocative piece.

    As the self-proclaimed “King of Romance”, I believe it is more romantic and exciting for a man to court a lady flower. He should be a gentleman at all times and show her the kind of respect he learned from his mother. If she welcomes his interest, then they should take their time to get to know each other. Love cannot be rushed. It has to be entertained, nurtured…for it is the greatest beauty of life.

    It is not my intention to offend anyone. This is just my personal opinion and the way I conduct myself.

    Thank you for sharing.

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