The Celebrate Blogger of April Awards

The Celebrate Blogger of April Award in Short Stories has the following winners:

Brian (9 votes)

William (8 votes)

Suzi and Tara (7 votes)

Trisha (6 votes)

Viola, Shakira, and Jingle (each 5 votes)

J-star, Raj, Adam, G-man, Beyond the blog (each 4 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of April Short Stories Runner up Award has the following winners:

Alice Audrey, Wordwand, Doraz, Celebrating a Year, Beth the doubtful poet, Pete, Moondustwriter (Each 3 votes)

Megzone, Poems of Ocean, Hadassah, Eaton Bennett, Ibok, Shadow, Kathrine, Artwebshow, Pairnair, JP, Girlgeum, Geardine, Art is my religion, Direkett Dilze, Patti, Sheri, Thom, Stony River, Fiveloaf, Ediomo, Collin  (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of April Short Stories Honorable Mention Award:

Poet Traveler, The INN, Suzanne Burgess, English teacher man, Young, Kurtress, Desiree, Mrs. Ott, Golporkhata, The Guilding friends, Ana Goncalves, Hope, Lori, The Graphic Bee, Juiefied, Smallthingspoem, One a day poetry,  Broken Sally, nc beachcomber, adkwriter, Sheri, Pamela, Sandra, Pondering, Sweetangelanna, Random short story, Hootin’ Anni’s, Kunal Kava’s Blog, West of Mars, Everything and Nothing (Akelamalu), Ann Pino Fiction Writer, One Stop, Susie, Rhythm of the light, Writing in Faith (Sandy), dustywho, She writes, Jarnebrand (JO), Lightrain, My recovery, Willow, Pat,  life through reflections (1 vote)

The celebrate blogger of April Award in Humor

Doraz and Shakira (Each 6 votes)

Jannie Funster (5 votes)

Adam (4 votes)

Wordwand, Jingle, Amy at Keeping up..(each 3 votes)

Tony, Mama Zen, G-Man, Artwebshow, Brian, Comedy plus, Ishabelle, Dom*, Suzi, Sheila, Beyond the Blog, Dennis the Vizla (each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of April Honorable Mention Award in Humor:

Jean, Pink lady,thoughtfuldelights, out of context, Redgoldenchild, Bananaz, Life with dogs, Robin, Realliveman, Amy, Thom, Jean has been shopping (Each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of April Award in Art or Painting:

Artwebshow (4 votes)

Poet Traveler , I love Pink, Jingle, (each 3 votes)

Adam, Anmbigous Artist, Leslie, Carol King, Dennis, Shakira, Landscape painting, Asmaltowndad, SDG Sketchblog, Short Poems, Trisha, A Painting a day,  Celebrating a year, Megzone, Jannie, Raj, Chocolate lover, Noha, Art by Thoms (each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of April Honorable Mention in Art or Painting Award

Princess’s play ground, The height of Awesomeness, Confessions of a dangerous mind,

A daily doodle, JP, Inkbox, Fuck Yeah, Beth Parker’s Art, Juliet’s Wishes, Davidtripp’s Blog, Artpeals (Each 1 vote)

Participation award and friendship award for all of you.

Friendship Award

Participation Award for all of you who voted…listed, awarded above…

Thank You Tag

April Award Announcement:

This time, I give honorable mention to 90% of friends who are simply listed or nominated originally…

Thus, if your blog is listed under the announcement post, you automatically gain one vote and win honorable mention.., Let me know if I overlooked you…It takes me a long time to sort them out and work things out perfectly…

Please forgive me for errors or mistakes…Happy Wednesday!

😉 😉 😉

William Brian Suzicate Trisha Viola Shakira JStar Emmanuel Ibok Megzone Kseverny Ediomo Udofia Petemarshall1 Fiveloaf Doubtfulpoet Celebrating a Year Moondustwriter Ishabelle Rajlakshmi Doraz Jannie Funster Gerardine Baugh Poet Traveler Taramillerwrites Patti Pravin Nair Tim Keeton Mama Zen Pat Dom* Short Poems Anthonynorth Alice Audrey Ana Goncalves Desiree ♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ THE BEATY wordwand Doraz

Amy Kiera O’Brien Kathy Jean Has Been Shopping Kumi The Graphic Bee girlgeum PinkLady Zuzana Sandra Collin Pamela doubtfulpoet Dennis the Vizsla Houndstooth cleanandcrazy Thom dianne gross-giese who Alice Audrey Gerardine Baugh Hootin’ Anni sheila Beth Parker SusieAlonso hope ishabelle robin

Sonu sakhii Jean Tony Comedy Plus shadow Eaton Bennett A Painting A Day Blog Thoughtful delights 🙂 Out Of Context: pieces of a life MayFest 2010 «… Alaskanott Shankha Ibn Hanif battysabstractpalette Art by Tomas broken sally kurt rees Englishteacherman adkwriter15 Suzanne almondjoycie Adam Mike Ncbeachcomber_asa

38 thoughts on “The Celebrate Blogger of April Awards

  1. Thanks, Jingle 🙂 Congrats to all! This was a nice surprise. I would like to take part in the rally and will post tonight. Always appreciate being included 😉 Happy Wednesday!

  2. two awards 🙂 wow. i am really really touched.
    thanks a lot two all of you who nominated me. and you jingle for being such a sweet being.

    lots of love.

    1. Trisha, Congratulations on receiving two awards. Its a pleasure to see my blog ( your nominations. I feel your nomination of my blog is an award in itself.

      Thanks once more.

      Best wishes!

      Ibn Hanif

  3. Dear Jingle,
    Thank you so much for the April Short Stories Honorable Mention Award. That is very sweet and kind of you and I appreciate it sincerely.
    Hope you are having a lovely day. 🙂
    Keep beaming.

  4. am i voting for short stories? hahaha! sorry must be my mistake.. and i dont do short stories.. anecdotes maybe so i dont deserve the award..

  5. WHOO HOO..thanks Jingle and my congrats to all as well…you always brighten my day up as I feel your positivity as well…Happy Wednesday as well to ya(+)
    soulbro*:) AKA Dom*

  6. Cool, thanks! And congratulations to the other winners. You’re such a positive person, Ji. : )

  7. Hi Jingle!

    Thanks for making me aware in my blog that I have been “elected” by “Trisha” to become an winner as well. It’s a nice concept to get “connected” with fellow blogger friends.

    You mentioned in my blog comment to “claim” my award. Don’t know how to do that, but I am really happy to know that I am worth a “Honorable Mention” in the “short stories” blogs section.

    Thanks and regards,

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