Goodbye 4 Now.


In the past three days, I have been having headaches, there are TWO days I was home alone, I did not drive, did not open my door, did not cook, did not sleep easily, I ate some cookies, reheated one meal that was leftovers, and get online or off line from time to time, feeling like a dead person walking…I must stay away from the blogging world for a while to obtain my old self and more…I have worked hard to show you my positive side of life, and I guess at times, no matter what I do, it is a fault or displeasure to some…

I am under pressure that the celebrate poet of May awards need to be done, thus I have worked 4 hours yesterday afternoon on counting votes and recording the correct links, this morning, I have spent another 4 hours, basically from 1:38am to 5:38am to find award tags, make words or paint on them, and put the correct information into my post….

Now, I feel very exhausted. I commented for many of you, whereever I go, I feel unsafe or insecure…Blogging is not funny or relaxing for me any more. I will force myself off line today after posting this…I don’t know when I will come back.

For Poets, If you want to visit other poets, please click on this link:

The Celebrate Poet of May Nomination Post: (personal choices, not meant to leave out any poets, there are million of poets on blogging world, i am sorry my access is limited…)

See you later.

The Celebrate Poet of May Award and More…

The Celebrate Poet of May Award

The following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of May Award:

Fiveloaf (17 votes)

Adam (16 votes)

Trisha, Suzi, D. S. Lear (each 15 votes)

Wordwand (14 votes)

Celebrating A Year, Ibok, Shakira (Each 13 votes)

William (12 votes)

Megzone, Heartspell (Each 11 votes)

Viola, Ishabelle (Each 10 votes)

Raji, Shoelessboywonder, Martin, Soulintention (Each 9 votes)

Poet Traveler, A New Day, The Arts Web Show, Noha, Geardine, Tim, (Each 8 votes)

Jingle (16 votes)

The Celebrate Poet of May Runner-Up Award

The following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of May Runner-Up Award

Alan, The Only Cin, Gally, Joe Suzz, Pete, Shan, Liz (Morganna) (Each 7 votes)

Dancingfreak (6 votes)

Joanny, Ms. Peaches, Alex, SK, Pinklady, Doraz, Ediomo, Dom*, Unprecedentedintellectual’s Blog ( Each 5 votes)

Pravin nair, Lizabee, Justin, Gawrav, Steven, Ana, BFG (each 4 votes)

Tumblewoods, Lurk,  A Poem A Day, IS, Keerthana, Poems to the Ocean, World of Poetry, Jstar, Lawrence, The World Through My Eyes, Chicky’s Creative Corner (Each 3 votes)

Lauren, Sonu, Songs of Howling Shadow, Missvigie, Beyond the Blog, The Big Bowl’s Blog, Rawsubstance, David Reins, One Poem Every Day, Seth, WEM, JIM, Poetry Blog, Short Poem, Suzanne (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Poet of May Honorable Mention Award

The Following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of May Honorable Mention Award:

Kisli, Natali, Julie, the INN, HearT Speak, Art Is My Relogion, Desire, Moondustwriter, Writing in Faith, Jannie Funster, Kurtress, Smallthingspoem, Chocolate Lover, Tammy, Samliu, Amit, Ann(Under Way), Pattiken, Talon, Mama Zen, Today, I feel, Robert Cupcake Poetry, Shaky, Inscreibed In Stone (each 1 vote)

Doni, Sam I Am (NOT), Sparrow song, Saran, Lynn’s life, Buttercup600, Tracy, PancakeBliss, The Writing Ant, Jeques, Lovetheloop, Nelly, C It My Way, The Vivacious, Windchaser, Julie, Niklas, Jessicasjapu, Hoiden (special nomination)

Friends Are Precious Award

Wings of Light Award

Participation Award

The last three general awards are given to all blogging friends who have left a comment in this blog on or after June 19, 2010, and to all poets who are voted, nominated, and commented under the nomination post…

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