Magpie Tale-The World Will Be A Better Place If…

This is a post for Magpie Tale (Shoes) hosted by Willow at magpie tale

I wrote a poem this time, it is a fiction trying to have fun looking at the prompt.

I Value Your Input and Wishing You All A Very Enjoyable Tuesday Ahead!

A pair of shoes
Is like a pair of eyes
That watch what you do
When your feet desert them
To woo another pair of shoes,
Or to swim in public pools;
To take a sunbath near a bay,
Or to cuddle with your lover by the end of the day.
To stay shoeless,
feel fearless;
And run wild
Like a daring child,

The world will be a better place
If one always wears the other person’s shoes
With significant grace,
And walk side by side
With matched pace.

Shakira, Where R U?-FACE OF THE WEEK #14

Shakira, Where R U?

Sweet and beautiful

Helpful hands

Admirable poet

Keen on everything

Innovative and inspiring

Radiant and witty

An amazing friend


I noticed that many poets, including Trisha and Wordwand, are asking a big question: what happened to Shakira? what’s going on with Shakira? Jingle has no clear ideas…But she is out there, she seems not feeling very well. Thus, this post is for HER!

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