Thursday Poets Rally Week 22 (June 10-16, 2010)


Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 22.

On week 21, Most of you have done beautiful job! For some of you, if you did NOT fulfill the requirement of week 21 yet, please do so before attending week 22. I appreciate your willingness to listen and contribute. Cheers!

Changes: Due to the increase number of poets who participate or have been represented,

It is necessary for the Rally to adjust the requirements: Instead of commenting for 12 poets, participants will be required to comment for 18 fresh poets. This number will remain fixed for at least another 20 weeks, or until week 42….

Rules to Participate:

#1: If you are a poet who is new and want to join our Thursday Poets’ Rally, post a poem in your own blog, and comment here with Your Poem link Included to let me know, I will add your on, visit 18 participants to fulfill the requirement.

#2: If you are previous participants, please feel free to visit either 18 fresh poets in my list, or visit 9 participants that are new to you, 9 fresh poets in my list.

#3: Very important, please make sure to comment back to return compliment when you are given comments by our participants.

#4: After you have commented a minimum 18 blogs, let me know and you will remain on the list the following week as active poets.

PS:Your link will NOT appear as participants UNLESS you commented below, I need your word of approval so that we have mutual understanding and respect upon this event. Thank U in Advance and Have FUN on the Rally!

Week 21The Perfect Poet Award Post:

Thursday Poets Rally Week 21 Post:

Week 22 Participants:

Hello, as usual, thank you for the active contribution last week, this week our fresh poets are 95% or above fresh, we must stretch and explore and find more promising poets whose work inspire us or who are willing to join our Rally in order to keep our interest alive, and keep expanding the themes or styles in poetry.

Three poetry awards:

The Most Respectful Poet Award

The Most Trust-worthy Poet Award

The Most Romantic Poet Award

will be assigned to participants by Jingle on or by Sunday. Have fun!

Jingle strongly suggest that you explore 18 fresh poets to meet the requirement,

And visit all participants to get more feedback of your own work.

From now on, The perfect poet award winners of previous week will be automatically linked in under participants list…Thanks and enjoy.

Trisha:, 😉 😉 ;))


Brian: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Wordwand: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


The Arts Webshow: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Poetry of the soul:

Suzi: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Fiveloaf: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Reaching for my pen:

Brokensally’s Blog:

Heart spell:

Liz: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Tim: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

D. S. Lear: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Unprecededintelltual: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Kathrine: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Raj: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Laura Lawless:

Hoiden: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Noha: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

My unique world of poetry:

Keerthena: (done, 😉 🙂 :))



A poem a day: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Art Is My

Ms. Peaches: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Joyce: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Joe:, 😉 😉 :))


My unique world of poetry:

Natalie: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Tim: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Shaky:, 😉 😉 :))

Liz: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Luna12780: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Megzone: (done, 😉 🙂 :))

Seth:, 😉 😉 ;))


The Only Cin:

Guarav Shama: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Trisha:, 😉 😉 ;))

Pink lady: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Alex: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Celebrating a year: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Suzi:, 😉 😉 ;))

Heartspell: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Soul Intention: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ibok: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Gally: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

D. S. Lear: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Ishabelle: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Pete:–the-cougar-poetry-from-the-darkened-tales-series_26.html(done, 😉 😉 ;))



Adam: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Beyond the blog:


Shoelesswonderboy: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Fiveloaf: (done, 😉 😉 ;)) (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Artwebshow: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Jingle:, 😉 😉 ;))

Shan: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The Perfect of Everything Winner:

Every Poet shall read him, please visit and comment before you move on to join our Rally.

Blog Promotion:

Please visit and comment to request a promotion post for your lovely blog by following this link:

Week 22 Fresh Poets to Know or Explore:

Haiku speak:

Walking Through fire:

Missvirgie’s Blog:

Lexie joy’s prose and poetry:

Directions on Upward Existence:

The Only Cin:

The world through my eyes:

Robert Cupcake Poetry:

One poem every day:

Today, I feel:

Songs of Howling shadows:

Alex Boto Barker:

MS Pressed Blog:

The wisdom of gavroche:

Novaheart’s blog:


An extraordinary machine:

The big bowl’s blog:

Widely regarded as a bad move:

Fearofink’s blog:

Curtis Bell’s Poetry Emporium:



Vadim Mission:

My unique world of poetry:

Boxes of secrets:

Kiss me in the ice cold air:

Fly far from:

Time and Wings:

Sleep until morning:

The world of Kara:

The poetry of my mind:

Manisha’s Blog:

The height of awesomeness:


Official Site of Gaura:

Words of Seth Nathrah:

Shaky’s Cousin:

Bflat diminished:


Steveroni’s Blog:




Of living and loving and coping:


142 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 22 (June 10-16, 2010)

  1. Thank you jingle for including me, but sweetie, I have to bow out as far as reading new poets for right now. Taking care of my husband and grandkids is taking most of my day, with only enough time to keep up with all the bloggers that I am commenting for now. Sorry my friend, but you know if time permits me then I will visit new poets as I can.

  2. Greetings Jingle, I have returned from my venture, renewed with many new poems to share :D. anyway, i would like to get back into the swing of things if you dont mind me coming back from my, unintentional absences. I hope all is well with you and the group, i look forward to becoming part of everything again. 😀

  3. mines up, but then you already know that.
    I’m just letting you know here. lol.
    I think i usually get to over twenty anyway.
    I’ve been lucky as in having days off on wednesday.
    But that luck cant last forever.
    So if i ever dont get 18, its because my job wont let me. lol

  4. all done jingle- combed everyone elses but there are those whom i really do not know how to post comments on like shakiras for instance..

  5. I’m reading as I type Jingle, taking my night out to see if I can comment on 18 new faces.

    I’m posted and here

    Thanks as always for your patience. I’ve been under tremendous strain, but I do love contributing to your poets rallyxx

      1. You’re very kind, thank you!

        I have one question. May we submit poems that were posted at an earlier date, not necessarily created the week of the new rally? Just curious b/c I have a couple that were posted before I found this site :3

      1. I have visited and commented, but I goofed on the link, so I’ll try again now. Thank you, Jingle

  6. Jingle, I will post in just a bit. I will work on commenting on 18 blogs it might take me all day…my laptop hard drive is shot and I’m having to work from a couple of shared desktops in the house…but I will get to them!

  7. Hi Jingle Here is my post. Thanks again, I am catching on. I only put a little Haiku with the nomination but I have several new posts. This is a lot of fun and inspirational. I still have some reading left to do but I will be up late and I will be home all day tommorow so that will be great. Thanks so much,


  8. Hi Jingle. Thanks for inviting me. Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate this time. I will, however, read some new poets over the weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work on some new writing and participate in coming weeks. Work is very time consuming right now.

    Please feel free to remove my name from the list until I can fully participate. Thanks once again, my friend!

  9. I can’t believe I’m on the fresh poets list! Thank you so much! How did you find out about me?

      1. That’s cool. What stood out about my work to you? Anyway, I am now following you and I added your page to my blogroll!

        1. I look and feel like it is a good one, then I save the link…over one week, I collect all those and share with fellow poets…
          welcome to be a participant,

          simply give me a link to a poem,
          comment for 18 participants under my list,
          then you are done…
          let me know..


  10. Thank you so much for including my blog 🙂
    I’m off to start visiting the other poets now, although I see quite a few in your list that I already read daily.
    I will post a link soon.

  11. Hello All,

    Jingle was kind enough to select me as a “Perfect Poet” for Week 21 of the Thursday Poets’ Rally, and for that I humbly thank her.

    Here is something I created in response to a Challenge at the Undead Poets Society site:

    In woodland vale and faerie glen

    In woodland vale and faerie glen,
    With hornèd brow, and manner keen,
    Great Cernunnos, beheld I then,
    With Nymphs and Dryads was he seen.

    His manner fey, his glance serene,
    ‘mongst revelers held in his sway,
    ‘midst shadows which remain unseen,
    With graceful steps he made his way.

    The dance began at eventime,
    Such skillful, flowing movement,
    Of silken limbs with grace sublime,
    How couldst there be improvement?

    The wind was tossed, the leaves all blown,
    Thus caught, I was enamourèd,
    At cock’s crow, all but I had flown,
    Ill-used and faerie glamourèd.

    So traveler, ‘ware! Stray not this way,
    Lest cares and woe befall you then,
    Hard trudge, your path, ‘til break of day,
    Lest to my fate you be sore ta’en.

    I would encourage all Poets (Undead or otherwise) and lovers of poetry, to visit the Thursday Poets’ Rally. There is some good stuff out there!
    As part of my responsibility as a “Perfect Poet” I would like to nominate Shakira as a Perfect Poet for Week 22.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  12. Jingle. I did comment on at least 12 last week. I would like to attend this week’s. I am still working on one poem. I will post either today or tomorrow! Thanks for all you do!

  13. All done! Another great bunch. So many great names out there. We are told never judge a book by its cover, but we are attracted to words. Pleased to know that their content is as worthy as their covers!

    Thank you, The Only Cin, Fritzgerald, Natalie, Vadimission, Robot Cupcake, Harshikaram, Sleep Until Morning, Shining Void, The Poetry of the Mind, Peacemakers, Flyfarfrom, HartPoet, Manisha, Gaurav, Curtis Bell, and all of you who take the time to fill our hearts with words from your hearts.

    Until next week!
    Almond Joycie

  14. I did 18 new to me (9 from the fresh list, 9 from the other participants’ list) and a bunch of others (lost track) that I’ve read before.

    1. you can still do week 22 Rally, which ends next week on Wednesday…
      I will place your link in week 22,
      you must comment for 18 poets who are listed under participants under this post…

      I will check on everyone’s comment to confirm..
      be serious,
      go ahead and visit and comment…
      i will get back to you with week 22 poetry awards by Sunday.

  15. Hi Jingle– I have finished reading & commenting. But I must tell Bb diminished and Pete that I couldn’t figure out where to comment, which is a shame because I did want to. Make it easier for us, fellas! Happy to read any others– just make contact.

  16. i am very confused. my site is on that list there but i am unaware of how it got there or why it is there. i know i am excited about it though! 🙂 can anyone explain to me?

  17. Greetings!!
    With this poem, I would like to participate in the Thursday Poets’ Rally:

    I have a few more poems on my blog… please feel free to read through them, before deciding 🙂
    Your comments would be most welcome…

    Ofcourse I have already started visiting fresh poets, and am throughly enjoying the reads! Will surely let you know when I am done with the 18, as per the requirement..

    Thanks for the encouragement..

    Best Regards!

    1. Rally week 24 is not open yet…
      please wait…

      you must have a new poem,
      and I have new rules to announce on Wednesday…

      1. I will be posting a new poem a little later today…
        As for reading/commenting on the works of fresh poets, it’s difficult to stop once you’ve begun… And frankly, I have no clue how many I might’ve read thus far, but I am pretty sure I have read and commented on well over 20!!!! 🙂

        So… whenever u deem right, please do let me know if I am in 🙂
        Thanks once again for taking the time..

  18. Its really a great post. I am sure that anyone would like to visit it again and again. After reading this post I got some very unique information which are really very helpful for anyone. This is a post having some crucial information. I wish that in future such posting should go on.

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