Quote of the Day

We are here to do,

And through doing to learn,

And through learning to know,

And through knowing to experience wonder,

And through wonder to attain wisdom,

and through wisdom to find simplicity,

And through simplicity to give attention,

and through attention to see what’s need to be done!


Happy Sunday 2 U all!

😉 😉 😉

Weekend Funnies Week 13-Fun Ways 2 Say Happy Birthday

Hello, how R U?

15 Fun Ways To Say Happy Birthday To You,

Referring 2 Those Who Were born in June!

Have A Sunny and Funny Sunday!

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Let’s Send Love 2 Viola and Ibok Today

Thank You, Viola and Ibok, for being part of our community,

Please take good care and Happy Sunday!

😉 😉 😉

Please stop by Viola’s place at Viola

and Ibok’s Place at Emmanuel Ibok to say…

Viola, Ibok,…I am sending you an angel’s BIG HUGS along with prayers today.

I hope Larry, Your husband Get Well Day by Day,

I wish You, Ibok to Heal and Come Back To Us Soon after Today

We All care for you and wish you feel better in some way

And we will be here to love and support you all the way…

May your husband Larry get well

May  Ibok, You rest well and stay well ..

We love You, Viola and Ibok…..

We Miss You and Encourage You To Fight for Love

Overcome challenges and obstacles and rise above



Occupy Positive Will,

Smile A Great Deal,

Eat more each meal,

be real,

recover and find yourself smile,

feel love and feel Good,

Be normal in a short while…

Sequences of love, flowers, hugs, and prayers fly your way!…