Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Poetry Awards (Special Notice)

The Most Consistent Poet Award

The Most Persistent Poet Award

The Most Admirable Poet Award

All Three Poetry Awards are awarded to YOU,

Week 23 Poets Rally participants…. You Know Who You Are…

Please take the awards and enjoy them by clicking on the link below to confirm your participation this week.

Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Post:

For Previous Poets Rally participants (check the link below) , please feel free to take any awards out of these three and enjoy!

I have been spent hours or days preparing Rally posts, creating awards, visiting poetry blogs to make sure you are on track…But I eventually realize that I have worked too hard, pushed poets too often, and become too tough on some of you.  I believe in self motivation, I myself judge via your comments left on fresh poets blogs, but not everyone is happyI can not make everyone happy, I check on all poets, sometimes the perfect poet winners  2 or 3 times a day during Wednesdays, Thursdays, …or on Friday before I make final decisions about next week’s nominations, or how to assign awards and finalize the nominations… Some of you take it positively, some feel discouraged when they could not receive all three awards…while some think I am bossy, annoying, or pushy…..

Please forgive me for my mistakes…

Please click on Thursday Poets Rally on right top of my blog to view previous participants (week 1-week22).

All poetry links are contained from above, if you are a previous participant, you are given permission to pick awards from above three.

Jingle will NOT tag or notify you individually….Please claim and have fun!

I value everyone’s support.

U R The Best!

NEXT week, Jingle will take a break, which means NO Poets Rally…

Thursday Poets Rally week 24 may be resumed during week of June 24 -30, 2010,

Under some circumstances…Changes are to be made to fit changing situations in my blog.

Compassionate Blogger Award

Your Creativity Makes Me Smile Award

The last two awards are for all of the blogging friends who

have been in this blog and left a comment

Thank You.

If you have been here with Jingle, please feel free to take the last two

awards and enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day to All Father all over the world.

😉 😉 😉