Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 22 Poetry Awards & More

The Most Trust-worthy Poet Award

The Most Respectful Poet Award

The Most Romantic Poet Award

I looked at fresh poets pages, most of You have been contributing and encouraging poets who are strangers at the first place, I make decisions mainly based on the comments you give under week 22 fresh poets to explore, I give You All Three Awards from above, hope that these awards lift up your spirits and keep you on track as outstanding poets who lead, give, and shine! Cheers!

Be proud of yourself!

Brian Trisha Adam Megzone Artswebshow Theonlycin Ishabelle Jannie Funster

hoiden Suzicate Shakira Nanno1982 Shoelessboywonder Wordwand EL  Wem  Alexvonfox

Ncbeachcomber_asa Adkwriter15 Keerthana Unprecedentedintellectual P inkLady

Rajlakshmi Shanellis Gally THE BEATY Morganna D.S. Lear Joesuzz Petemarshall1

Luna12780 Sonu Joanny Emmanuel Ibok Poet Traveler Ediomo Udofia William

Katherine Viola Almondjoycie Luke Prater Ms. Peaches Julie Missvirgie Jaymie Doraz

Tim Keeton Heartspell Fiveloaf Soul Intention Celebrating A Year Seth Shaky

The Most Trust-worthy Poet Award

The Most Romantic Poet Award

Most of you are poets who are Poets’ Rally participants or simply poetry friends in our blogging community, some are fresh poets represented by Rally previously or currently, your poems are well written and appreciated, here, Jingle wanted to say thank you

Please come join our weekly Rally in the future, the door is open for everyone! when you become active participants, you are encouraged and inspired to continue reading, writing, inspiring, and promoting poetry via our weekly activities… Hope that you keep up the excellence…Cheers!

Gaurav Sharma Natalieurenwrites ♥ Chocolate lover ♥ Eric Grace Walkthroughfire

Write Girl Dancingfreak Poetryoftheasian Curtisbell Sqdrn06 TALON Suzanne Adam

Readers Dais Manisha hegd Mama Zen Snaggle Tooth Tammy Tumblewords: Dom* Mike

Sam Liu DuDo Dulce Shadow Dancingfreak Amit Khanna Nessa Alina Slpmartin Willow

The Box Fan Pravin Nair Creativity Lauren Moondustwriter Kathy Tasneem R Moneebahmad Ana Patti Short poems Sparrowsong Eaton Bennett Ray JStar  Anna BFG I.S. Luna12780 Steve E Desiree Jim Patricia-Raw Substance Sk Lawrence C Welcome to my world of poetry

Your Blog Rocks By Jingle

Elegant Blogger Award By Jingle

Perfect Beauty Award by Trisha

Friendship Tag from Ishabelle

Amy Thom Amy Secret agent woman Bananazക Barbara Beth Jel  Redgoldenchild Prayer Girl Southlakesmom Dennis the Vizsla Buffalo dick Tony Sandra Pamela Collin Debbie Willa Splashofexpression Mary Alexis AKA MOM Cloudia Blissbait Oscar Ann chin Lily Angelcel CherylK Jay from The Depp Effect Menina Anulal Lori lynne Starlaschat Aging Mommy Gattina Mirellamccracken Eyewitness Alaskanott lacenleather Shankha

Friends come and go, Jingle tags blogger friends who have give comments in this blog during the most recent week…

Hope that POETS from above lists (1 & 2)  and FRIENDS from the bottom list all enjoy the 4 gifts on the bottom here.

PS:  Trisha And Ishabelle, both of YOU are long time Poets Rally supporters and Jingle is very pleased about your performances…Thank You for taking the time to show support, U Rock! xxx

Keep flying, U Rock! (to avoid some issues, I use my own image)

This is for Trisha and Ishabelle.

Sunday 160-Hold Hands

Take hands,
Accept friendship now,
Hold hands,
No worrying about love now,
Fasten fingers,
No thinking about how.
Fly a kiss,
Expel loneliness,
Let’s win this.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man;)

I used the character calculator