Rib Ticklers-Laugh With Jingle

It is Saturday, time 4 some laughters.

#1: What has one horn and gives milk?

Answer: a milk truck.

#2: What’s gray, eat fish, and lives in Washington D. C.?

Answer: The Presidential Seal.

#3: What did the rug say to the floor?

Answer: Don’t move, I’ve got you covered.

#4: What did the necktie say to the hat?

Answer: You go ahead, I’ll hang around for a while.

#5: If a long dress is an evening wear, What is a suit of armor?

Answer: Silverwear.

#6: What bird can lift the most?

Answer: A crane.

#7: what can you hold without ever touching it?

Answer: a conversation.

#8: What clothes does a house wear?

Answer: Address.

Thank You!

Happy End of July!

Yesterday I Took A Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn
and ended up on a cliff;
I plan my path before I start,
I want to be smart
and accomplish things with firm belief.


I’ll bury all of the sorrows
and let go of errors,
I’ll know when to stop
and orchestra my way to the top.


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Happy Birthday Wishes from Jingle

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Red Is Hot, Red Is Cool!

Red is the color of your heart,

You shall never allow it to fall apart.

Red is the color of your blood,

Keep it alive, no bloody flood.

Red is the color of roses ,

Red is the love one chooses.

Playing with red with wit and be cool,

The magic of the game shall please U.

Red happiness entertains your soul,

Worshiping it makes life whole.

Red marks could make a stir,

Stop your car when the traffic light turns red.

Red love shall make U feel good,

Red shoes shall give U cheery mood.

Apply red aptly,

Feeling proud,

Handle red wisely,

Give it a shout out.

Red is hot,

Red is cool,

Like it or not,

It is up to U!

This is an entry for Alphabe-Thursday (Rainbow Red) at Alphabe-Thursday

This is also an entry 4 Think Tank Thursday at Poets United

Beach Is A Great Place 2 Explore

My name is Pitten.

My age is seven.

I love collecting seashells on the shore,

I enjoy playing the sand and more.

Beach is a great place to explore,

Beach time has improved my arithmetic score.

I know how to add, subtract, and even multiply,

It is as easy as an apply pie.

1 times 7 is 7,

Add 4 years I turn eleven.

2 times 7 is 14,

That’s when I become a real teen.

3 times 7 is 21,

I love watching the rising sun.

4 times 7 is 28,

Doing math unit is simply great.

5 times 7 is 35,

I enjoy leaning how to dive.

6 times 7 is 42,

I choose an ocean over a pool.

7 times 7 is 49,

Running barefoot is so much fun.

8 times 7 is 56,

Life is full of numerical tricks.

9 times 7 is 63,

Swimming near a beach makes me feel FREE.

My name is Pitten,

My age is 7,

I love collecting seashells on the shore,

I enjoy playing the sand and more.

Beach is a great place to explore,

Beach time has improved my arithmetic score…


This is an entry for

ABC WednesdayB is 4 BEACH!

This is also an entry 4 Poetry Pantry

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Math is NOT that hard to learn if one makes it fun and relaxing…I hope that you enjoy reading this!

Happy Thursday!

U Rock!

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Happy 25th Anniversary to Alan, A Poet We Respect!

A Poem by Alan at ncbeachcomber_asa

To my precious adorable bride of 25 years!

My Lovely Deborah

Oh how I love you

and how I adore you

how sweetly I dream of you

all the day long

my heart dances

and lightly flutters

as I reflect on times

spent alone with you

your love is like the fragrant explosion

of a billion roses blooming

in springs misty morn

my love for you each day unfolds

like the petals of the morning glory

dripping with springs essence

in the early morning dew

I long to passionately drink

from the fountain

of your tender loveliness

and get drunk from

the wine of your urgent embrace

I anticipate the taste

of the delicate morsels

of the fruit of your enraptured love

as I dream this sensuous dream of you

Oh beauty of beauties

lover of all lovers

my dear sweet angel

your silken hair

the fairness of your flesh

the soft gentle touch

of your flesh caressing

beneath my fingers

makes my heart throb

and takes my breath away

I could never live

without your tantalizing passions

meet me in the garden of romance

and we will blend together

as the wind in the willows

we will flow together

as the water brooks

cascading upon the rocks

let us mount up on wings as eagles

and soar up to the heights

and recline on the clouds of ecstasy

your delicate lips and smooth body

are a field of the rarest treasures

worth more than

all of the treasures on earth

each day I will love you more and more

until the day that we are

called to come home

I love you my exotic, thrilling beauty

my wonderful wife, me heart

I would marry you infinity;

I love you so much that it hurts

and brings tears to my eyes

All of the words

in all of the languages

of the entire universe

could never tell the tale

of the love I have for you

my forever honey.

Your passionate lover

and loyal friend. ilvubff!!


Poem and Some Images From Alan’s Blog, Please visit him to give your greetings at ncbeachcomber_asa

flowers for you, Alan and Deborah

Happy 25th Wedding anniversary from Jingle

25 years is long,

but you two get along,

you deserve a poetic song,

please enjoy your marriage more,

continue loving the person you adore,

Smiles, love, greetings, and fine wishes fly to your door.

Have a nice day, from Jingle!

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Your Confidence Will Regain

You are miserbale,

You feel wronged,

You lose confidence about your future,

You fear darkness,

Your heart aches with pain…

Oh, friend,

You are NOT alone.

Your future is bright with promises,

Despite that fact that you are unable to see it.

Let compassion be your compass,

Allow yourself be gifted with kindness and wisdom.

Open your mind,

Flow the wind,

Love what you love,

Love those who love you,

Rise above

All those obstacle around you.

Your life will be penetrated

and transformed…

Carry faith,

Discover grace.

Soon, you will be happy again,

Your confidence will regain.

This is entered for the imperfect prose at

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I Am Very Tired, I Am Very Merry

I am very tired,

I am very merry,

I love riding a horse,

Run as fast as a ferry.

When the fun ends,

I celebrate with my friends.

We picnic on top of the hill,

Recalling story such as Jack and Jill.

I am very tired,

I am very merry,

I love walking in an orchard,

Picking up many a cheery.

When the basket is full,

I will stop and have a drink to stay cool.

Before thunder storm strikes,

My friends and I will go home riding our bikes.

I am very tired,

I am very merry,

I know a poet whose name is Sherry,

She is sweet as a pie,

Her loving spirits will never die.

“Bless you.”, She says to everyone,

How lucky to know her, thanks to the Divine.

I am very tired,

I am very merry.

I often wonder if your go-round is also merry?

You eat an apple,

I eat a pear,

We are so different,

But we enjoy life and we care!


This is an entry for Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Happy Monday 2 U all!

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