The Beginning of A Road

She reads each day like a poem,

And sees the world as a book

In the sense of poetry.

She considers the horizon

That comes to her as a friend,

She has NO home,

And needs NOTHING to cook.

She enjoys many an adventure,

And knows the directions

From the beginning to the end.

Jingle on June 7th, 2010/Monday

I Am The Forest

I’m not jealous of the woods

That stand behind your neighborhood

In the suburb of your city.

I’m the forest,

I have NO fear of T-storms,

I am NO man of moods.

I tolerate everything

And adore every being,

Both bad and good.

My dream is always humanity.

If I cannot be at my best,

I won’t be a forest anymore,

Which people adore.

I will be the woods,

And I may be cut down and used to

Make tools.


Hello, how R U?

My blogger account is down,

I could not post or comment on any blogger blogs,

I decide to skip all the Monday memes I have been doing

and post a poem to share with You.

Thank You for reading!

Happy Monday 2 You All!

😉 😉 😉

Senyru Poetry, A Fresh Poetry Form 2 Learn

What are Senyru?

According to

Senyru are like haiku, except they reveal an aspect of human nature juxtaposed with an image of nature. In contrast, haiku are short Japanese poems that invite us into a shared experience of nature. Both haiku and senryu are expressions of what is called the “haiku moment.” They are a moment of clarity that is similar to the meaning of “awe” in English. They are simple poems that can be said in one breath. In the Japanese tradition, seasonal words are associated with haiku. The use of seasonal words may or may not be used in the senyru genre of poetry.


Jingle’s first try on Senyru:

Flying up high

In boundless sky, we fall and

sing, thus comes spring.

One (1) Senyru written by The Height of Awesomeness at :

Shivering in winter,

On cold ice, barefoot I met her,

A look! thus began summer.

Four (4) Senyru by Poems to the Ocean at:

#1: Slow:

Slow exploration

With your tongue between my lips

Softly caressing.

#2: softly

I want to touch you ,

softly, only with my tongue ,

slowly exploring.

#3: exotic

Silky, velvety

Soft, smooth, fragrant, melodic

Woman exotic

#4: Can you play tonight?

Lips slide, kisses glide ,

into unspoken moonlight..

Can you play tonight?


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Happy Monday!

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