Family Fridays-Happy Birthday 2 “A Poem A Day”

Jingle has copied and pasted A Poem A Day’s Birthday Post here:

“Today is my birthday!!! I’m sosososososo excited I can’t tell you. :D But it also got me thinking–when I decided to write today’s poem early so I wouldn’t forget!–about expectations and how some people deal with them. This poem is my own personal response to the questions that started jumping up in my mind.”

“Today” by A Poem A Day

No more waiting
Today is THE day
The day you’ve been counting down
For months
For years
And you stayed up until midnight
Just to say
Today is TODAY

But now
What do you do
Now that the wait
Is over?
Do you start the next countdown
To the next milestone
Or do you revel in today
And leave yourself hanging tomorrow?

My friends, I chose to
Love today
For it will not come again
And the feeling it brings
Is unique in your
Mind, soul and heart
And no matter what the other countdown is for
It will never be for TODAY

I’ll deal with tomorrow tomorrow
For I have no doubt
It will bring its own surprises
And I’ll great it with a smile
But today is today
And this is my moment
And I will live it

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The Perfect Poet Award 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 23

The Perfect Poet Award week 23

The Perfect Poet Award

@Jingle’s Thursday Poets’ Rally week 23.

Congratulations! The following Thursday Poets’ Rally members have won the nomination for week 23 award.

This is a weekly awarding event.  If you did not fulfill the requirement either on commenting for fresh poets or fully accept previous award, then you lose the nominations even if you are nominated. Thank you for the understanding…Writing excellent poetry is only one factor to be perfect,  your involvement in the community, your commitment to follow the rule or your reputation in keeping your promises matter to EVERYONE, and to Jingle, thus if you expect the award, but did not get it, think about your own performances…Even if poets who fully perform well, they may not get the nomination due to the competitive condition here…Jingle gives poets special admissions at times due to their previous contributions, but  that does not mean she  will do this for good…excellent poets are many and only 30%  can be highlighted here. 

Week 23 Winners


Emmanuel Ibok




Bing (PinkLady)












D.S. Lear


Rules to Accept the Award:

  • Put the logo on your blog before or on your next Thursday post.
  • Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
  • Tag Jingle to link back to Thursday Poets’ Rally Award Post.
  • Nominate One Previous Participants and U R done!

Criterion of the Nomination:

  • You must be A Thursday Poets Rally Participant for a minimum 1 week to be able to be nominated.
  • This award is given once a week by Jingle at  Jingle‘s blog.
  • Each week, Jingle will award those Rally participants nominated by previous week winners but finalized by Jingle.
  • If a winner rejects the award and gets nominated once again, Jingle has to withhold the nomination until the poet eventually accepts the previous award.
  • This award is initialized and created by Jingle at  Jingle.
  • Winners of this award have the option to choose one of the logos available to post in their blog upon acceptance. If the winner does NOT follow the rule to post the winning logo and nominate a poet along with the post, Jingle will consider a rejection to the award. Jingle will be responsible for nominating additional award winning poets for the week . (If u reject the award, then u can NOT make claim of this honor in the future in your blog or at any other public occasions).