Magical Number Nine (9) On Math Monday

Wow, It is Monday.  I decide to make Mondays Math Monday!

I miss Math, let’s discover the magic in number nine (9).

As you do “Times Table By 9” , you may notice that the digits always add up to “9”…

Let’s check it out:

1*9=9  –>0+9=9

2*9=18  –>1+8=9

3*9=27  –>2+7=9

4*9=36  –>3+6=9

5*9=45  –>4+5=9

6*9=54  –>5+4=9

7*9=63  –>6+3=9

8*9=72  –>7+2=9

9*9=81  –>8+1=9

10*9=90  –>9+0=9

Isn’t this number game FUN?

Does it work for larger numbers? You may wonder.

Yes, this works for any number multiples 9….

Say: 11*9=99  –>9+9=18  –>1+8=9

100*9=900  –>9+0+0=9

211*9=1899  –>1+8+9+9=27  –>2+7=9

1005*9=9045  –>9+0+4+5=18  –>1=8=9

42001*9=378,009  –>3+7+8+0+0+9=27  –>2+7=9

Amazing math facts! :).  I hope that YOU have FUN learning and discovering the magical number nine (9) on Math Monday.

If interested, please do an example to confirm this fact above:

___ *9=_____,  –>___+___=____,

Thank YOU for sharing the wisdom of magical numbers in nine (9).  Happy Math Monday to YOU All! 🙂 🙂

Happy Martin Luther King’s Day to You all Who Celebrate This Special Day!

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42 thoughts on “Magical Number Nine (9) On Math Monday

  1. I was taught this as a way to check the accuracy of my answers to multiples of 9. Also, if you hold up your hands with all your fingers outspread and facing away form you, and then fold the finger of the number you are multiplying nine by, you get the answer. So, for 4 X 9, you fold down the 4th finger, and there are 3 fingers up on the left of it, and 6 on the right – 4 X 9 = 36. Works for the 9’s all the way through to 10.

  2. Teacher: What is 1 + 9?
    Bananaz: 1 + 9 son of bitch is 9
    Teacher: No!No!No! it’s 1 + 9 sum of which is 9
    Bananaz: Oops!:p

    Cool. I love ‘9’, my fav number. TQ for the magical number nine.

    1. Bananaz:

      Your math skill is cool,
      you pretend not knowing, or want to play it for FUN, I guess.
      I appreciate your comments,
      Have A Remarkable Monday. 🙂

    1. Hello, Brian:

      glad that you did not go home empty handed. 🙂
      At least your son will know these while he is in elementary school, right?
      Do you home school your son informally?

      Thank you for dropping WORDS of kindness in my place today.
      take care.

    1. Jannie,

      I believe that you understand exactly what
      H. A. P. P. Y. means, young as heart is precise and cool,
      pacific is very very apt choice :), I love artistic and purposeful immediately, because your intelligence on this one is absolutely “convincing, amazing, uplifting…” 🙂

      you got the competence in everything…
      take good care, friend. 🙂

  3. hi friend, did you miss me lol, sorry, had to take my ex wife to the hospital for tests, good news she got so its all good, thanks for the message, this was superb, numbers a real way of expressing, take care 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Its appreciated. You asked where I got the pictures. My husband and I were in Hinche, Haiti several years ago with a team from our church. We did a feeding program and helped with construction.
    Its heart breaking to see so much distruction. Hinche survived with minor damage.

    1. Hello,

      I am glad to hear from you.
      Good news that Hinche survived with minor damage. Bless you and the people you care so much about.

      Keep Inspiring!

      Happy Monday!
      Be Strong!

  5. Wow–so much fun with nines! Thanks, Jingle. I have to find out my WordPress password to confirm your comment. Sorry, I’ve gotten really behind on things, here. Have a great week–tomorrow is the 19th. One/Nine! Numbers really are fun, aren’t they? E’Anne (Silent E)

    1. Thank you for the wonderful visit today, E’Anne Frye.
      I am glad that so many people responded math number FUn in nine (9). 🙂

      Have Am Awesome Evening.

  6. The magical number 9 has a musical connotation, too! An interval is the space between any two notes, and when one reorders two notes [flipping them upside down] it’s called an inversion. So every interval, when inverted has its opposite. To figure out an interval’s opposite, subtract it from 9 [for intervals less than an octave].

    9-1= 8; 1st and 8ve are opposites
    9-2= 7; 2nds and 7ths are opposites
    9-3= 6; 3rds and 6ths are opposites
    9-4= 5; 4ths and 5ths are opposites


    Was that too much music nerdology?

    1. never too much, Sparrowsong. 🙂

      You have No idea how happy I am to read your collective ideas about number 9 and its musical connotation.

      I loved your entry soooooooo much and hope that everyone else read it and get musical about magical number 9.

      Cool Contribution!
      🙂 🙂 🙂

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