Do It For Fun!

Hello, How do you do today?


Question #1 (Q1):

Start with 37,

Subtract by 12,

Multiple by 30,

Add by 366,

Subtract by 205,

you get _________?!


Question #2 (Q2):

Start with 11,

Add 14,

Multiple by 50,

Divide by 10,

Add by 786,

You get________?!



Do YOU think that Q1 and Q2 have the same answer? Yes or No, and Why?

Please use two (2)  WORDS  only to express the number you get in the end of the game after conclude your solutions.

Do it for FUN,

Solve the problems  one by one.

Math is cool,

How About You?  🙂 😉

Hello, everyone. Great job for all of you, the answer for Q1 and Q2 is the same, 911.Two words,  you can say

Nine Eleven,

September 11th,

Emergency Number             (U. S. A.)

Call Police,

Help Needed,

Scream, Help!

Tragic Morning,

Sad Memories,


Thank you all for trying, you have been very patient and good at computing and thinking.

I am thrilled about your efforts… cheers, 😉 😉 🙂


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67 thoughts on “Do It For Fun!

    1. wow,

      if you use a calculator, you can get it instantly…
      or if you write it down one by one, you will find the answer very easily…
      No panic, you can do it,
      or ask your kids for help…

      thank you for the instant hit, 😉

      As a matter of fact, you seem know the answer, 911 is the number you shall call for help, 🙂

    1. no problem,
      nice try.

      i appreciate your willingness to try.
      you are better person than me,
      I may not want to try something hard, like holding a snake.

      way to go,

  1. hahhaha I did use a calculator and got the right answers but thats cheating lol, maths is not my forte but im learning with you, thanks friend, keep up the great community spirit..:)

  2. Hi Ji – the same;
    Nine Eleven

    I did it in my head with a bit of paper .. & the mighty pencil.

    Got me going .. bye – see you and the answers shortly ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  3. Hi! You commented on my blog, so I’m gonna try this. Here I go!

    Yes, the answer for Q1 and Q2 are the same. I did it on a calculator so I know. For both I got…

    nine eleven

    as my answer. Thank you, jingle!

    1. your lovely fish,
      I enjoy your visit.

      cook a nice dinner,
      eat it,
      have a walk around your neighborhood,
      get back to computer in joyful mood,
      then, you will be understood

      😉 🙂

  4. J-Joyous
    N-Naturally talented
    Y-You’re awesome

    Couldn’t do the math problem, soooo I did this instead!

    1. Hello,

      you are one of the smartest, 😉
      I should have titled “Do Math For Fun”, now you still have an valid entry, giggles…

      you make me laugh, 😉

    1. It is okay,

      I appreciate your effort, Yaya.
      It is simply for FUN.

      Be proud of your language skills and creative thinking skills,
      take care and good night. 😉

    1. Dear Sandy:

      It is very beautiful to know your strength and weakness at the same time,
      I am not good at physics, no shame at all…
      it is sweet to have you over…

      cheers, 😉

  5. I look like a fish? I don’t… my gravatar isn’t what I really look like. Are you saying that my gravatar looks like a fish? Come to think of it, it sort of does. I kinda get it… not really but I see sorta what you mean.

  6. Um, it’s supposed to be a girl. 😀

    Look, I get it. I think different people blog for different reasons. However, I want to keep my blog as positive as possible. I understand that you don’t think that people should blog about personal things, but isn’t that up to each person to decide for him or herself? I think so. I blog about my personal experiences and as a creative outlet. You blog about different things than I do. That’s fine.

    1. Hello, Tacy:

      I enjoy blogs of all kinds, i adore anything you do in your blog,
      please feel free
      to do whatever you want,
      have FUN
      and smile
      like a shining sun.

      I have NO time to care about what people blog about, if people respect me, I respect them back, thus you shall be worry free…
      cheers, 😉

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