How Much Does Jamie Earn?

Jamie receives a 7% commission for selling boxes of greeting cards.

If she sells 200 boxes at $5 each box, How much does Jamie earn?

Solution: ___70_______$


Hello, how Are YOU?

I do math on Mondays, Thus hope that YOU have some fun!

Happy Monday!

Thank YOU for the math efforts.

😉  😉  😉

22 thoughts on “How Much Does Jamie Earn?

  1. Bananaz is right. $70 for 200 boxes 🙂 I posted my awards you gave me here. Thank you again! Hopefully I’ll get caught up on my blog reading a little later today *hugs*

  2. lol I was hoping to come without any answers, brilliant, especially for us folks whose maths isnt up to scratch, william looks forward to MATHS MONDAY xxx luv ya xx

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