56 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wishes To Talon

  1. Happy Birthday Talon! I hope you have a wondeful day and it is made extra special for you by family and friends. Many blessings to you today and for another great year up ahead.

  2. We haven’t really met, Talon. I am new to Jingle’s poetry rallies through my good friend Trisha Basu. But I do wish you have a wonderfully sweet birthday!

  3. Thanks Jingle for the shout out… and yes I agree she is a talented writer.. I would visit her site and wish her too… but in any case here is a wishing her a great day today and great times to come ahead… May all her endeavors are successful…

    Om Namah Shivaya

  4. I Wish You A Happy Birthday
    I Wish You A Happy Birthday
    I Wish You A Happy Birthday
    & A Great Year To Come! 😉

    Happy Birthday Talon 🙂 hv a wonderful year ahead..
    Hope the birthday carol wasn’t too much 😀

  5. You guys are too too sweet! Thank you so much Jingle and thank you everyone for the lovely wishes! I had a gorgeous day and I hope you are all having fabulous ones, too!


    I saw your b-day until yesterday! and I couldn´t come here to say happy b-day… better late than never right?
    Hope you had a great b-day.

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