Here I Am Holding A Rose (Forgiveness)

I feel uncool

That I have ever hurt you.

I want to grab the washcloth of remorse

And wipe my soul for a regeneration.

I want to take hold of the garden hose

And clear the path to the mending of our relation.

I want to be a morning dew,

I want to be the one with you,

I want to be a butterfly,

I want to be a…, you try.

Footsteps of errors may becloud our soul,

Soap of repentance shall save the show.

Armed with regrets and sympathy in the core,

I hope to rediscover my peaceful shore.

Here I ‘m holding a rose,

Take it and  accept my remorse.


Room for Romance #3

Poets United(Forgiveness)

39 thoughts on “Here I Am Holding A Rose (Forgiveness)

  1. What a lovely poem! If I was hurt by you, the words here and the rose would erase any sign of it! Great writing Jingle!

  2. Reconciliation. Relationships. Regrets. Remorse. Repentance. Regeneration. Rediscover. Rose. Room for Romance. Steps on the path of mending a relationship.
    I like what you have done with this poem. Also a very good message for all. Relationships take work and often steps of mending to make them work. Thanks for your insights.

  3. Why so many mending-the-heart poetry lately..?? Hope it is just a coincidence.. and not a real life event 😉
    Love it like any other theme of poetry you write,

  4. I love he sentiment and kind of soul searching this poem evokes in the one holding the rose. A deffo tenderness with the remorse. A nice read for sure.

  5. It is great idea & made a fantastic reading Ji.
    Relationship can only flourish with such a great wisdom.
    It is difficult to change so much suddenly after break up, If a person has the capability to rise this much, he/she is unlikely to make a mistake. In any case it is really a fantastic way to rebuild a relationship.

  6. Wow, this is brilliant Jingle. You bring out the feelings of remorse so well. Great poem!

    Apologies for not visiting sooner, internet connection at home is so bad I cannot view any blogs, and I’m too bogged down with work at office to visit.

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