ABC Wednesday-T Is 4 Time(s)

T is 4 Time.

The following  are the samples how the word  TIME is applied in life:

#1: Time is up, you have to stop.

#2: Poetry potluck starts at scheduled times.

#3: Your time is here.

#4: Happy times, sad times.

#5: In time of crisis, people act more united.

#6: I have read this book many times.

#7: 4 times 4 is sixteen.

#8: New York Times is cool.

#9: The umpire called time.

#10: The airplane is timed to fly at 3pm.

ABC Wednesday

Without Laughter, Life Is A… (4 Potluck Week 12)

Without leaves,

Trees stand bare;

Without beliefs,

Minds don’t care.

Without gasoline,

Cars go nowhere;

Without discipline,

Chaos is everywhere.

Without water,

The earth will be dry;

Without air,

Living beings will die.

Without the sun,

No growth will be done;

Without the moon,

Stars will twinkle with a dull tune.

Without laughter,

Life is a disaster;

Without craziness,

Life becomes meaningless.

Everything exists 4 a good reason,

Accept life’s every single season.


Poets United

Lots of Laughter (Crazy)

Poetry Potluck (Nature, Plants, Creatures, & the Cosmos)

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A Thankful Poem 4 Mom

My mom is a Panda protecting her cubs,

My mom feels like a warm pillow,

My mom smells like love,

My mom is nice like an angel,

My mom’s chocolate chip cookies cheer me up on

a gloomy and windy day,

My mom looks like a rose.


Imperfect Prose

Poets United

Monday’s Child

Carry On Tuesday


PS:This poem is written by a 7 year old boy named Tom.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

😉 😉 😉

Happy Thanksgiving (Awards/Treats 4 YOU)

Potluck Week 11 Theme: Magic, Wonders, Miracles And Wizadry

Great big thanks to Kavita/Amanda 4 the inspirations! U Rock, Girls!


To me, love is magic,

Without love, life is a tragic;

Thus, I give love,

Hope to rise above;

Wonders come from passions,

They are the fuel to all physical and chemical reactions.

Miracles are born from confidence and persistence,

They are the awards to your intelligence and prudence.

Wizardry is really a fantasy,

It is a creation of your dreams, I say.

Life could be magical,

If you keep loving, creating, and behaving logical…


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Room 4 Romance-He Gave Me His Heart

He gave me his heart

As we played hide and seek in the park,


His words was sweet and true.

We would kill the day

Like a ship on a bay,

Romantic thoughts kept fly our way,

It was hard not to think and pray.

Then his Dad died in a war,

His Mom left to live aboard.

I see him no more,

Life suddenly becomes dull.

I feel the pain,

I see it happen,

I fight to have our relation maintain,

But it is not the same all of a sudden.

Love is fragile,

Love is uncertain,

He gave me his heart,

Yet we fell apart.


Room for Romance

Poetry Pantry at Poets United

Sunday 160-Sunday Keeps Me Busy

Sunday keeps me busy:

Sunday 160 is cute to play,

Potluck plus Poetry Pantry

are too delicious to betray.

Poems fly like dumplings,

I enjoy Sunday Scrabbling(s).


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man.

I used the character calculator

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Sunday Scribbling (What A Difference A Day Makes)