Everyone Makes Mistakes

Signs are tools

To keep you from getting into troubled pools,

Be aware and use the clues.


Everyone makes mistakes,

That does not mean your life  is flushed in risks,

Get up and move on, no shames.


Don’t tease someone’s blemish,

Focus on positive energy, and make good use of it,

Let love and embrace flourish!


Haiku Heights.  (Blemish)

For Lots of Laughter (Signs)







The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 30

A talented poet Alethea nominated Jingle for the perfect poet award week 30, many THANKS, YOU ROCK! xxx

To see her nomination, click on the link below, Thanks.


Jingle wish to nominate



William Manson


4 week 31 The Perfect Poet Award, Many thanks for the beautiful poetry and lovely participations! I wish to nominate all of you…but have to restrict my nomination to the above poets.

Happy Sunday!

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