How Women And Men Love (4 Victoria Writing Prompt)

A woman loves a man,

She shows it via her cooking,

A man loves a woman,

He cares more about her looking.

A woman who loves a man wants a child or two,

It is a bliss if the man wants the same too.

After they work out plans to stay merry,

They will get engaged and marry.

She loves him, body and soul,

He loves her, more than he can tell.

It’s his greatest joy to plow and sow

As their love continue to grow.

Their baby may have Daddy’s eyes,

Black, brown, or blue,

Their kitchen may have Mommy’s pies,

Warm, fresh, and cool.

The loving birds know happiness there is no transcending,

Their marriage holds for goodness’ sake a rather cheery ending!

How women and men love,

That’s my take from above.


This poem is an entry for Victoria’s Monday Writing Prompt.

My Will Is Strong (4 Monday Poetry Potluck)

It’s time to go,

My instincts tell me so,

I will be out of town,

I won’t be able to answer your phone.

^ ^

When love comes to an end,

Time to bid farewell, my friend.

My will is strong,

I must be left alone!

^ ^

Stop the unrealistic expectation,

Nobody will believe your exaggeration.

Please don’t ask why,

It’s time to say GOODBYE!


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PS: This is 100% fiction, I realize that when people read my work, they take it personally at times, if I wrote about sweet hot love, they relate it to me personally, question me, if I write about broken heart, they again have concern on me…I am happily married and enjoy life as it is, i write about all kinds of emotions and experiences, this poem has NOTHING to do with my individual life. Thanks a ton.

Everyone is encouraged to write a poem about love or romance, link to Jingle poetry…xxx