I Read, I Live

As a child,

My imagination often runs wild,

I would close my eyes

To shut off ghosts lurking near my bed,

I would roll a dice

If fears start to dominate my head.

I have read many graphic novels,

I have watched many classical films,

I have juggled marbles,

I have listened to folktales in huge volumes.

Dreams in the red chamber may be fancy,

Witches in a horror movie may be sneaky,

But a fiction is a fiction,

All fictions evoke thrill to produce addiction.

With each clash,

Upon every crash,

Children’s world is enriched in a flash,

Writer are definitely encouraged to make big flash

By letting the creative fire burn to ash.

As a child,

My imagination often runs wild.

I read,

I live,

I grow,

I achieve.

I write,

I share,

I glow,

I care!









This is a poem inspired by image at

Monday’s Child

also submitted to Poetry Pantry