Visulize How The Sunset Ray…

As the long winter comes to an end,

Fresh air starts to stir with lovely scent.

A novel genre discloses,

While the graces collect roses.

Marvel at the magic of the becalmed seas,

And watch how their growing waves appease.

Watch the swan swim, and the crane

Enjoys the weather again.

Visualize how the sunset ray

Decorate the tiring bay…

Dance each day with new births,

Ignore rootless assumptions or guesses.


It is Fall in Western countries such as the U. S., but it is Spring time in Australia, Thus this piece fits the season somewhere else while it does not suits the season of America…People are different, traditions are diverse, there are more than one way to say YES or No, there is more than one seasons at the same time in the planet earth,…Thus, I want to send a message: disagreement is normal, respecting the seasons of others Essential!

Everyone loves peace, stop the war focusing on gender differences, racial differences, and build a global community with love, peace, and harmony…

Thanks for reading! love you all!

Sunday Scribbling (Essential)