Month/Word Chalenge-J Is 4 Jubilant January

On New Year’s Day,

We celebrate

and eat rice cake;

We dress

to impress,

We play chess

or card games;

We laugh with no shame,

We call everything cute names,

Everything is no more the same.

Cold winds blow

And the doorway is covered with snow,

Yet the fire at home offers cheerful glow

As our passion and desires 4 life grow.

Jubilant January

keeps bliss inch away…

We feel simply extraordinary

Before we hit February.

Alphabe-Thursday (J is 4 Jubilant January)

Magpie Tales (#43)

Month of the year challenge (January)

36 thoughts on “Month/Word Chalenge-J Is 4 Jubilant January

  1. January–Just the month for jumping and juggling, another year of fun, nights are long and cold, unfamiliar is the snow covered landscape, apparitions dance in the moonlight, reindeer are resting at the North Pole, yawning and sleepy in front of a warm fire.

  2. Your poem and perfect photos to adorn it bring back memories of New Year celebrations in my family. You have aptly described the demeanor of that day right down to the snow on the doorstep. Blessings to you…

  3. Holy Moly,
    I’m just getting used to the idea that December is here. You’re making me break out in hives! I like the card games myself. Hoping to play a lot of those this “December”

  4. Aahh…dreamy, crisp and makes me wanna sit with a cup of hot cocoa!!
    I love winter, and my birth month – January!!! 🙂
    A sweet ode to this lovely month, Jingle.. xoxo

  5. This is so beautiful…
    I wish to have a January like this…
    I always had to come back to college leaving my home behind in January…it was sad for me…
    but this time it’s going to be different… 🙂

  6. I just love delving into your Jubilant January. Wish I could live right there, right now. 🙂 I sense an ominous February though so I know there is more to this story. 🙂

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