Say Cheese…

Image taken from Room 4 romance #10


Say cheese, capture the juicy smiles on your face,

Let passion and enthusiasm take place,

demonstrate a manifesto to grow new grace.


To educate, give to charity,

showcase caring and leadership capacity in silence,

not to object, but to accept and cherish life’s excellence.


Let love show,

Let lights and eyes glow,

Let the year of 2010 go without a blow.

Carry On Tuesday (only one night from old to new)

Sunday Scribbling (manifesto)

Three Word Wednesday ( educate, object, silence)

Haiku Heights ( Charity)

Room for Romance (#10)

Lots of Laughter ( anything)

Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Everyone is welcome to share your holiday celebration poems with poetry potluck tomorrow…See you then, xxx

Poetry Potluck (Week 16, Celebrations and Festivities)

Fair Dinkum Award from a fellow poet at Scribble and Edit

According to scribble and edit: Awards stand for Friendship

She believes that Fair Dinkum Award meant:
‘You’ve got a point there, I can’t argue with that, that’s fine by me’.

She has passed Fair Dinkum Award to Jingle, what an honor, Thanks a lot for thinking of me…xxx

Check her here:

It is difficult to pick a few (RULES: pass it to 1 to 10 bloggers) to pass it on, especially when we have  a community of hundreds of poets, thus I would like to pass this award to anyone who wish to have it and have left a comment under this post, enjoy and Happy New Year!

The Prolific Blogger Award

The Most Creative Blogger Award

The Last two awards are given to Poetry Potluck Week 16 participants and Jingle Poetry officialsEnjoy! Happy New Year! xxx