There Is No Right or Wrong (Weirdness in February)

Spouses cry

To see houses fly;

Kids scream

To see spider-man cheer for a football game;

The Sun blinks with guilt

when stones start to melt;

Goats float

As ghosts hide under a boat,

Socks talk

While robots stalk;

Dogs quack

when cats bark;


refuses to go naked near a lake;

lover cheats

on Valentine gifts or treats…

February is frightful

Because weirdness wins,

You’ve got to be watchful

when a rock grins.

Nothing is as solid as the stone,

Everything carries some tricky tone.

There is NO right or wrong,

Anything could go deadly crazy in town.

Poets United

Theme Thursday (Stone)

20 thoughts on “There Is No Right or Wrong (Weirdness in February)

  1. Wow, look at you with your Theme Thursday offering of weirdness! I love it! A wonderful job as always my dear Jingle. Look forward to seeing more like this and thanks for sharing!

  2. “The Sun blinks with guilt
    when stones start to melt;”

    Loved that line! Such an image amidst a poem that fuses the odd POV with naturalism. Very good combination; always fun to stop by and read at your site. Enjoyed the cartoon as well.


  3. This was such fun to read, I had to read it outloud the second time to see all the scenes (weird ones!) you set up. 🙂 Great that you were able to take care of three prompts in one. Perfect!

  4. The wrong is at the right and the right has nothing left..whoa shall be a time when cat barks and dogs animal toys gone your weird and crazy imagination. tQ

  5. Fun.. Back to blogging after a week Ji of hectic work.. Posted three new ones, missed thursday poets rally for the first time 😦 hoping to be in as usual first for the next time.. Will link for potluck soon 🙂

    Ji, I have completed THREE KNOTS, Let me know how it is 🙂

    –Someone is Special–

    1. I got busy with family stuff, way left behind …
      will try to catch up with you and everyone else…

      poets rally runs until next Wednesday, if you wish to be part of it, you can post before the deadline.
      have fun!


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