Thursday Poets Rally Week 35 (December 16-22)

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Gigi Ann

Purvi (Accepted)


Where Nature and I Become One (A Poem Plus Happy (Belated) Birthdays!)

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – March (proudly)

ABC Wednesday (visits to Nature or Landscapes)

Poetry Potluck (Hobbies, Pastime, and Entertainments)

In this poem, I have written about my mountain climbing experience in March, 2010.


Following the plan,

Under the Spring sun,

I arrived at a mountain park,

Where nature and I become one.


Directed by a trial map,

I began walking uphill, non-stop,

Once in a while,

I pause to catch my breath and staring at rocks in a pile.


I took photos to capture the views below,

A lake, parked cars, driving path are in my view.

I would look up

To see how far I was from the mountain top.


There are moments of confusions,

There are sentiments of hesitations.

“Keep Walking”,

I hear my inner voice talking.


Near the highest spot,

I spied a young couple walking above,

Their body gesture showed their love,

How long I had been going up, nonstop, I forgot.


When t is all the way up hill,

It is against my natural will.

After I eventually conquer the obstacles,

I believed that these were miracles.


The mountain is half bare,

Pariare dogs make their stare.

Wild cows walk wild walks,

Naughty hares talk Happy talks…

Emmanuel Ibok (December 14, 2010 Happy Birthday!)

ScottlB (December 10, 2010, Happy Belated Birthday!)

Sorry 4 overlooking last time, if you don’t tell me, I won’t know..Happy (Belated) Birthday!

We love You!