Reflection and Expectations (Happy New Year In Pink)

No matter what I do,

All that I really care

is 4 words to ring true

and things to be fair.

No matter what I teach,

All that I truly enjoy

is the waves that ebb the beach

and mountain views that echo joy.

No matter what I write,

All that I genuinely love

is 4 the truth to stick out and shine bright

and stars to twinkle above.

Comb the messy hair,

Buckle your seat belt, evade no where,

Stop knocking out the wedges,

Ready, set, go, let’s turn the pages.

One Single Impression (comb)

Three Word Wednesday (buckle, evade, wedge)

Six Word Saturday (Happy 2011, Keep Your Talent Shining!)

Pink Saturday (Happy 2011, wow)