And The Fun Never Ends

A baby Fairy dragon is very merry

Because he is going fishing with his Dad Terry.

Up and down,

He dances around

In his cheery little town

Until he sees what he stumbles upon:

Standing in front of him

Is a violet flower

That looks sad and slim

And holds No power.

“What’s going on?”

The green dragon asks with a frown.

“Although full of grace,

Stuck in one single place,

No freedom to explore

The world like others do,

how can my dreams come true?”

The young flower is in tears

holding all those sadness and fears.

The fairy understands her blues.

This is something she could never choose.

He turns on his magical power

and grants the wishes of the poor flower:

They have made an adventurous escape

and recorded everything in a video tape.

The flower has gone fishing with her new friends,

And the fun never ends.


#1: Monday’s Child #11

#2: Theme Thursday (reason)

#3: Magpie Tale at magpie tale

#4: Alphabe-Thursday’s Rainbow Summer School (Violet)

44 thoughts on “And The Fun Never Ends

  1. What a beautiful blending of violet and fairy =ing fairytales coming true….thank you Jingle…blessings…bkm

  2. How sweet of the dragon fairy to help the little flower…
    And together they went fishing! HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this lovely story-poem, Ji… very very sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ah, I LOVE it, Jingle!!! Dragons are my all-time favourite fantasy creatures…fell in love with them all over again thanks to Avatar ๐Ÿ™‚ And now your little green guy, thank you! MWAH

  4. This is so fun.

    I always have to stop and remember that English is not your first language, because you use it so nimbly and well. You have always been a lover of words, I think?


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